Monday, September 29, 2008

Craziness on Intrade

So, just an update on weird stuff going on in the news.

McCain has plunged to a 37.4 percent chance of winning.

After the House rejected the bailout, a chance of the bailout before end of September is at 2.4 percent.

Sarah Palin to withdraw at 9.0 percent.

Iran Air strike by the end of the year at 18.4 percent.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just too good

This post from Roissy. Just brilliant.

Here is a fact for those of you still laboring under the rapidly withering illusion that women are the fairer sex with superior moral guiding principles and emotional intelligence: There are many MANY MANY more young, cute women willing to fuck the likes of Pedro Espinoza, Alpha Killer, than the guy who avoids brushes with the law, dutifully goes to his 9 to 5 McJob, and saves money for the future purchase of a home to start a family.

I can already hear the protestations to the contrary. ”Yeah, but only low class girls go for cold-blooded killers and criminal filth like Espinoza.”

From a penis’s perspective, what is the difference between a low class young, cute girl and a high class young, cute girl?

Answer: Nothing.

Marriage and the attendant class considerations are end game, not start game. Sexual attraction must come first, and a woman’s social, economic, and educational status have nothing to do with that. A girl’s class is irrelevant to her ability to excite a man. For every thug complaining that all he bangs are whores as he facefucks his girlfriend and her sister, there are a hundred betas complaining that they can’t bang anything at all.

This is why I'm a singularitarian. Because human nature SUCKS.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Liveblogging Palin

So...let's see what she says: (Damn she is looking fine tonight)

"I will be honored to accept your nomination for vice president of the United States."
A historical moment, but shadowed by the absurdity of the election so far.

"Time for politics and a time for leadership."
What about Bush?

"A true profile in courage"
Right...haven't heard that before

"Victory within site"
Has anyone actually defined victory?

"Proud of the armed forces blah blah"
Walter Reed ring a bell?

"Beautiful baby boy named Trig"
WTF name is Trig? Why did she take a plane before delivering it? The baby will NEVER have a normal life.

"Children with special needs inspire love"
Why did God create this retardation? We should focus on solving it, not on accommodating and accepting it.

"World champion snow machine racer"
? Why is he receiving a standing ovation?

"My parents are here tonight."
The mom looks more presidential.

"Difference between a hocky mom and a pitbull? Lipstick."

What did the job involve?
Community organizer + responsibilities (Ha, if that's her best, she's toast)
Small town people don't know how to react...

"John McCain is the same man"
Explaining his various flip flops that came about due to Alzheimers.

"I'm going to Washington to serve the people"

"Leave this nation better than we found it"
Like Bush?

"I told the Congress thanks but no thanks on the bridge"

"Broke the monopoly of oil companies"
Then why does she want to ruin the Alaskan environment for their benefit?

"The stakes could not be higher"
Whose fault is that on oil?

"Drilling won't solve every problem is not an excuse to do nothing?"
Do nothing? Obama's energy plan is FAR more ambitious than the same old right wing.

"Never use the word victory"
Republicans are retarded. Victory doesn't exist in Iraq.

"And he's worried that someone won't read them their rights"
The United States should never torture. Period.

Anyway, I'm bored.