Thursday, July 12, 2007


"There are nice guys, and there are bad boys. Nice guys are great because they are sensitive, and attentive, and caring, they read to her in bed and all that stuff. Women LOVE that stuff. The problem with the nice guy is that he's boring and needy and clingy. Then there's the bad boy who's exciting and passionate and fun, but who can also be emotionally distant and unavaliable. BUT there's also the third type of guy. You take the good qualities from the nice guy, and the good qualities from the bad guy, and you put them together, and you get the perfect guy... who is fun, exciting, and passionate, and does care about and delight in her"

The truth, so unfortunate, is that the third way in dating is elusive. Can someone be a good person and still be alpha?

There is a third way between complete multiculturalism and facism. Can we trust people to be rational and choose the third way? I don't trust man.

Anyway, have been away for a month on a trip. I've become very disillusioned about human nature. I'm not sure if the world is ready for the truth that we find by investigating race, or genetics. Considering that genocide still occurs in the world and the great nations have been powerless to stop it, how can we possibly expect them to use proof of racial differences in intelligence for the good of the world? It is about high time I shut up.

Let the mexicans come, for if we build a wall, we go down a dark road. A road that is logical, but terrible.

I trust machine.

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