Monday, March 10, 2008


Spitzer used a prostitute to fulfill his sexual desires.

Bush used 9/11 to fulfill his oedipal desires to start Gulf War II.

How many died when Spitzer banged the hooker?

When is our society going to get out of our stupid sexual hangups?


Anonymous said...

That's just stupid. GWB merely continued the policy of one Bill Clinton (Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998?) and the bipartisan consensus that after 9/11 (and the documented assistance of Saddam's regime along with Iran to the plot on logistical levels) there was no more taking Saddam's word for it.

Recall that Saddam provoked the crisis by throwing the inspectors out, declaring the deal he'd signed with the Allies and the US were "dead" and postured that the had WMDs. The alternatives were to let Saddam roll us, and retreat, another useless round of bombing that had no effect on him (Clinton bombed the heck out of him Desert Fox 98-99). Or get rid of him and take control of the situation.

We got rid of Saddam after about three weeks and around 400 casualties. It was what came after that, AQ rushing in, Iran rushing coming in, that caused lots of deaths along with stupid tactics, PC-controls, etc.

Osama just issued another threat to Europe -- over the Danish cartoons and a speech by the Pope. This struggle is going to be long and ugly. I'd rather have Saddam off the list of nuclear proliferators (Duelfer Report stated he'd nuke back up the second sanctions dropped). Now it's just Iran instead of both Iran and Iraq we have to worry about it.

We damn well ought to be in Iraq. The alternative is to simply lash out and nuke the hell out of people. We certainly won't be left alone regardless of what we do. It could be a cartoon. Or something the Pope says. Or a film. A book. A play. Regardless Muslims demand to tell us how to live and work and act.

Want your freedom? You'll have to fight for it.

Johnson said...

I absolutely detest Radical Islam.

The problem, though, is that our plan in Iraq is CONTINGENT on Iraqi people being mature and developed enough to develope a stable democracy. Not going to happen. And our American soldiers die while the Iraqi politicians go on summer vacation.