Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The analogy is there

Kinda random video, but I was reading about the premiere of This American Life a phenomenal podcast (who says the US doesn't produce anything great?)

And I ran into this video of the host, Ira Glass.

Describing a chicken farm (3:40), he compared the saving of the chicken to the underground railroad.

See, people? The analogy is there. The use of African Americans as slaves requires a similar pattern of thought as using animals as food. And the longer we persist as meat eaters with the shadow of race based IQ gaps, the more we damn ourselves.

I wrote a detailed post here on the intellectual steps needed to prepare for race differences in intelligence. First on the list? Animal rights.

And by the way, this reverend wright guy is a serious problem. Steve Sailer has written enough about him that I don't have to comment, but I was pleasantly surprised with the balanced treatment the issue received in Bob Herbert's nytimes column

This whole story is about Senator Obama’s run for the White House and absolutely nothing else. Barack Obama went to Rev. Wright’s church as a young man and was blessed with the Christian bona fides that would be absolutely essential for a high-profile political career.
My guess is that Mr. Wright felt he’d been thrown under a bus by an ungrateful congregant who had benefited mightily from his association with the church and who should have rallied to his former pastor’s defense. What we’re witnessing now is Rev. Wright’s “I’ll show you!” tour.
Beyond that, the apparent helplessness of the Obama campaign in the face of the Wright onslaught contributes to the growing perception of the candidate as weak, as someone who is unwilling or unable to fight aggressively on his own behalf.

Mr. Obama seems more and more like someone buffeted by events, rather than in charge of them. Very little has changed in the superdelegate count, but a number of those delegates have expressed concern in private over Mr. Obama’s inability to do better among white working-class voters and Catholics.

Rev. Wright is absolutely the wrong medicine for those concerns.

Sucks for you Obama. But then again, this is the flaw in the primary system. We got Bush instead of McCain in 2000, and we get Obama/Clinton instead of Biden in 2008.

Either way, racial reconciliation is never coming. Get used to it. Become a singularitarian.

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