Friday, May 9, 2008

The Singularity and Immigration

The basic lesson of our generation is that there is a cognitive problem. As technology progresses, basic human functions become outsourced to automation. Some politicians blame trade, futile efforts to gain votes and set us back. But regardless, we WILL hit a point in which more and more of the population is no longer necessary. The self check out line at Pathmark? Ordering take out on the internet? Itunes movies instead of blockbuster? Rosetta stone instead of college language courses.

And so this will continue and cause more resentment. Two solutions:

1) Restrict low IQ reproduction and immigration. In order to avoid the creation of a gigantic welfare state where the majority of the population lives off the minority controlling the machines.

2) Merge man and machine. Yeah, I'm serious. Use genetic engineering and cognitive enhancements to make man's brain adjust to the new age, so that man can keep up with
artificial intelligence and remain relevant. Eventually even the smart people like you and me will be exceeded by the AI. Then what?


Check out this nifty lawn mowing machine.

This is why I'm against illegal low IQ Mexican immigration.

Their brains are becoming more and more irrelevant. And instead of developing good automation technology to deal with boring, labor intensive work (like mowing lawns) instead we import Mexicans to do it. And we pay them low wages so that they can compete with the robots. But guess what? The TAXPAYER ends up footing their bill for public transportation, emergency room costs, and educating their children, while they send money home to Mexico and our trade deficit goes up.

This is not how the US builds a super power economy-using people when it can be using robots.

And instead of importing more IIT engineers to build more robots (like patrol drones so that young Americans don't die fighting insurgents in Iraq) we import low IQ mexicans and cut off HB1 visas because of 9/11.

Out with the proletariat, in with the machine revolution!

After all, Obama has the nomination, so doesn't that mean that the hope of the future wins out over the division of the past?

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roissy said...

i must say, that lawnbot kicks ass. i could've saved untold teenhours playing my guitar instead of mowing the lawn.