Thursday, May 7, 2009


So Saletan pulls a fast one on us.

In a recent post he criticizes categorizing test scores by race.


Liberal creationists—people who think no genetically based difference can be admitted in average ability between populations—are mistaken. But that doesn't make race a useful or socially healthy way of categorizing people.

Damn. I didn't think he'd come out and say it. But yeah, NCLB is a failure.

Recently he asked himself what the solution to the problem of egalitarianism was. In a well written deliberation he comes to the conclusion:

In the age of genetics, egalitarianism doesn't mean you have to deny differences in racial averages. It means you have to beware the injustice this kind of grouping and averaging does to individuals.

I wholeheartedly agree. However, we have 2 serious problems:

1) All of international economic development theory is predicated on the idea that all races have equal intelligence. If this is not true, then institutions will fail. The idea that there are simply not enough smart people in Africa to lead to advanced development will be devastating on multiple levels.

2) The idea of human equality is fundamentally predicated on equality of intelligence between races. Our subjugation of animals is predicated on the idea that it is "natural" and that animals are inferior due to their lower intelligence.

But guess what? Slavery existed in human society just as long as animal domestication. Slavery still exists in some ant societies.

And if it is ok to slaughter animals due to their inferior intelligence, what about humans? Can we enslave them?

To the 1 or 2 people reading this, pay attention. This issue of racial differences in intelligence is a serious problem that our current worldview is totally UNABLE to answer. In an age of massive civilian casualties in Afghanistan, widespread genocide, and political unrest, what is the future of humanity when confronted with this disturbing truth?

All humans are not equal.

Really. Let that sink in for awhile. And now think about how that tears down all our cherished beliefs, institutions, assumptions, and dreams for a better world.

The road ahead is perilous.

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