Friday, January 8, 2010

What century are we living in?

I have trouble believing that in the age of the apple tablet we have access to all the recent published books and all the information of the world available over a wireless internet signal,

but in this same world we have child sacrifice.

Do people who are protesting democracy and free speech and open markets in Afghanistan have any clue as to how backwards a good chunk of the world is?

Do the invite the world invade the world cohort realize that most of the world still has not internalized the values that western nations have cherished for the last 100 years?

Is the human race any better than animals?


planetgrok said...

The iPad sure looks like it will suck.

To your main point, sadly some of us are just 'more human' than others. The irony is that those who have greater levels of what we consider especially human traits, such as empathy, lead to those higher humans inadvertendly assisting the reproduction of less-fit specimens. On the other hand, it is sick to let people starve, as it denies us our own empathetic nature. The only solution seems to be to develop advanced genetic engineering technology, which has the equalizing potential Head Start never will. But in order to do that, the obvious will have to be confronted.

Johnson said...

Which will never happen.