Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to articulate an immigration policy Part 1

So, on the heels of a new immigration bill recently passed by the Arizona legislature , I'm going to dive into this issue.

First, I want to get both perspectives on this issue without hitting the key issue. here is a roundtable with different views.

Liberal View:

LUIS GUTIERREZ, D-IL, CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS: The lunacy of rounding up people because they look a certain way or are suspected of being in violation of immigration statutes can only lead to one thing — violations of people's basic, fundamental civil rights — profiling

Not shocked

Conservative view:

RUSSELL PEARCE, R-ARIZ. STATE SENATE: Illegal is not a race. It's a crime. Our citizens have a constitutional right to expect our laws to be enforced.

Moderate View (Charles Krauthammer):

What liberals don't understand who support the rights of illegals in the country is that if the American people had a fence, that the borders are secure, they are shut — if we built a fence all the way — and we can — and they had a sense this is the last cohort of the illegals, the ten or so million already here, the majority of Americans including me would be in favor of amnesty. If that is the last group that were coming in and the border is shut, that would be OK.

As long as the border remains unsecure, as long as the fence is un-built, you will have states acting in this — I would agree with Fred, in this draconian way.

Frustrated View:

People who want amnesty for illegal immigrants here oppose a fence. And the people who want a fence don't want amnesty.

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