Friday, March 9, 2007


I don't wonder why 300 was sold out today. It was a great movie (ending a little eh) and fun entertainment. What set this movie out from the recent rest was its embrace of pure masculinity. It worshipped the strong male fighter and a society devoted to war. It embraced what has been supressed by the feministas and male supplication industry.

We were made to respect Spartan society, to root for it against the hordes of Persia.

What we also rooted for was a society that practised a mild form of eugenics and that accepted the creed that all men are NOT created equal.

And a society that produced an army of 300 that made Xerses bleed.

What the left truly must explain is the true problem with eugenics. I think we all realize, intuitively, that eugenics can lead to a better population. That we can promote the well being of our society by preventing the worst aspects from procreating.

But no. The left insists on arguing that the environment matters, that our genes do not determine who we are. I think the left is digging itself a grave by arguing that, because the evidence is coming in about the effect of genes not only on superficial characteristics, but also our intelligence, personality, disease tendencies, sexual orientation, etc. In fact, the left rejects the environmentalism explanation for homosexuality. The grave goes deeper. else can the left argue against eugenics? Can they really argue that it is unjust to condemn someone because of the genes he/she possesses? That is unjust not to give them a chance? I don't know.

But, we must realize the fact that a eugenic society produced the 300.

And if 300 could do such wonders, imagine the potential of a eugenic society of 300 MILLION.


MensaRefugee said...

Slighly OT...
From what I hear about Spartan Society (and Im no expert). All boys were put in military training at age 7 and only were considered adults after they strangled a slave covertly.

Hardly what I would like to see emulated.

Put another way, Spartans were chosen for strength and all that jazz, yet IQ is relatively innate, it either doesnt budge or budges .3 to .6 of a S.D with effort/environment. Spartans might not have been overly dumb, but I doubt geniuses were revered.

So the point is - when you set out a conscious eugenic plan, you WILL end up, inevitably, screwing something else up. I am strongly against it.

However, classical liberalism has the same effect as mild consistant eugenics and Im strongly for that.

(Check out the documentary "Last Stand of the 300" it will be on torrent at torrentspy)

MensaRefugee said...

Perhaps a better point about Sparta was that they killed newborns with defects.

e.shoghi said...

Hi, I realize this is an old post however I just watched 300 for the first time today & am personally increadibly offended by it.
First off, the facts were completly distorted on the Persian Empire and Im sure if you were to research the Persian history you would find that the Greeks did not in fact have a army of 300 but rather 3000 apx. where as the persians had 10 000 apx. so yes the persians did have an advantage of size however the movie was so politically incorrect on so many levels it left me completly at a loss for words. Im of Persian decent but I was born and raised in Vancouver. Also might I add I think the Persian gov.'t at the moment is completely inadiquiate so its not even asthough Im attempting to protect Iran and our leaders as a whole. However my heritage and background is something Im proud of and to see it broadcasted to millions of people in such a distorded and incorrect manner is increadibly offensive. I cant even begin to explain how increadibly horrified I was by this movie. Mostly how the Persians were made to look like animals or vampires, asthough they arent even human.
When I heard that Persian people were protesting this movie in attempts to boycott it I thought that they were most definatly over exagerating and whenever a movie is released that has the possibility of making a nation look inferrior to another there will be tension and anger however upon seeing the movie its most certain that this anger is justified. I incourage you to research the Persian Empire if you have any doubts that Im just another radical who's protecting her country and heritage because I think above everything the truth should be put into society. I sincearly hope that politically incorrect movies such as this will not be created ever again refering to the history of any nation.