Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ape Morality and the Descent of Man

In an article dated March 20, 2007 in the New York Times, Nicholas Wade details the increasing understanding we have of animal behavior, and the ability of chimps to apply moral reasoning. For example, they will not push a button to receive food if it shocks a companion. They will drown in water to save a friend. after fights between two combatants, other chimpanzees would console the loser. What we have here is the precursor of a spectrum.

Because there are many traits that, psychologically, animals share with humans, it is increasingly difficult to argue that homo sapiens, themselves, constitute a uniform and distinct being that is capable of higher thought that animals aren't. Instead, we must realize that if animals are capable of some human behavioral qualities, and that there is variation between animals, then there is significant overlap between human and animal behavior. If human behavior also takes on the same variation, then some humans must have more “animalistic,” brain structures than other humans. We must realize that there are many people who are not capable of the higher thought usually associated with all humans. Homo Sapiens is not uniform.

And to respond to the previous comment,

I am racist. I acknowledge biological differences between the races. I think that race realism, along with principles of liberal democracy, can lead to more justice and fairness in the world than the illusions of social engineering.

Look at the harm that has been done by the engineers: they believe Africa can govern itself, and have ended up with genocide after genocide. They believe that African sexual behavior is the same as our: we end up with AIDS. They assume that African kids are capable of learning the same material as whites: we end up with a generation of high school dropouts that go into crime instead of trade. They assume a black leader will run a black dominated city correctly. We end up with the shithole of Washington, DC. They assume that blacks can use voting devices at the same level as whites. We end up with the 2004 election, where black votes are discounted at a much higher level than whites, tilting the election to the worst president in the last 50 years. The list goes on.

And you, I ask: why would a just and caring God create races that are so disparate in their abilities, setting up the world for slavery? I'd say he either was a sick God, or a God that doesn't exist.


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