Saturday, September 22, 2007

Female Sexuality

The fight goes on. Free people's minds. Let them realize that a slutty woman is NOT a bad person. Unfortunately, I'm not winning the fight. On Dusk in Autumn's blog the comments are not entirely friendly to abject promiscuity.

Apparently honor killings are still in vogue

What will it take for people to gain sanity in this age where feminists team up with Islamists to tackle the Christian right? God damn it, I want to have sex with someone from the middle east - I find Persian girls extremely attractive. But no, it won't happen anytime soon, or at least with my level of game and economic resources. Not fair!

What the hell is so wrong about women putting out when billions live on less than a dollar a day, global warming threatens the environment, soldiers die in Iraq, genocide in darfur, billions of animals slaughtered in the meat industry.

And yet, the most pressing concern for the average Islamic family is the protection of their "honor." Disgusting.

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