Friday, September 14, 2007

Same Old

Was at a club the other day and I heard someone make a comment about asian girls going out with ugly white guys because of their status. I then turned to the Asian girl next to me and asked her about it. She said yeah, it happens, and then took a distinctly anti-white guy tone while discussing the phenomena. So, I asked her whether an asian girl would chose an asian hot guy over a white hot guy.

Her answer? "There are no Asian hot guys."

The truth comes out. Asian Playboy has his work cut out for him.

Well, the last minority was kicked off of Pickup Artist. That's not surprising. And the three guys left are pretty much who I expected to get there.

The fat guy is a little surprising, but a tall good looking guy and a Latino are doing well in a pickup artist competition. How is that a shocker? Come on, if you compare the first Asian dude in the beginning with a Latino guy that's just not fair. I'm yet to see mainstream pickup address the race question.


Anonymous said...

So the last "minority" was kicked off and a "Latino" is still in the show?
I don't watch it.

TabooTruth said...

Yup. Yeah, the seduction community outside Venusian Arts (Mystery's company) hates on the show, but I still think there are a few pearls of wisdom. Genetics/culture matters.

Peewee said...

I think what he's getting at is the apparent contradiction where you say there are no minorities left, and then you say that there is one. Or are you not considering Latinos a minority?

TabooTruth said...

Oh, yeah. I didn't really consider him a minority because he LOOKS white, though he has the "player" Latino culture in him that makes pickup and seduction easier to internalize than for the asians and nerds. Check out the show, and you'll see.

byrdeye said...

Soo...a White-looking Latino actor wins...yea, score one for the "AFC underdog" LMAO!