Monday, July 14, 2008

Genes and violence

Genes matter. Check out this study:

"These results, which are among the first that link molecular genetic variants to delinquency, significantly expand our understanding of delinquent and violent behavior, and they highlight the need to simultaneously consider their social and genetic origins," the researchers said.

This is important. Blank slate continues to go down, and the genetic roots of behavior continue to increase in importance as environments become less varied. Social engineering will fail to alleviate problems in our society.

The challenge for liberals is to consider a paradigm shift away from blaming society and oppression for failed citizens. Instead, they should blame genetics as opposed to ceding the ground to conservatives who blame moral character or religious decline for crime and teenage hoodlums.


Anonymous said...

Good job on misrepresenting the news story so completely with your selective quote.

The research found that the 1% of people who are especially susceptible to abnormal variations in norepinephrine, dopamine, and seratonin are more likely to commit crime when they're under a lot of stress.

To sum up for the layman, they found that untreated manic depressives act crazy in unstable environments. Shocking!!

But hey, thanks for diligently scouring the web for every piece that could be spun to support what you are trying to accomplish at this blog. Your hard work is most appreciated so do carry on.

Oh and one more thing, boys -- Sieg Heil!!

Johnson said...

It's not misrepresentation. It's trying to find a paragraph that encompasses the essential points of the article so that I can quote directly and the reader (the 1 or 2 readers I have) doesn't have to go through the whole thing on their own unless they're interested.

Anyway, either way it shows a direct link between genetics, chemicals, and behavior. Important stuff.

And of course, the second that someone says that a negative trait can be inherited is the second that Hitler is vindicated!

Sig Heil indeed, especially since he committed genocide against the highest IQ ethnic group in the world, which is exactly what the HBD community advocates.