Thursday, July 3, 2008

The left is weird

So, for however long I've been making the case that the Democratic party's defense of Islam and vilification of Evangelicals is fundamentally hypocritical. Here is defense for that statement in a post from GNXP.

Most striking comparisons:

Homosexuality should be accepted by society:
Evangelicals: 26%
Muslims: 27%
Catholic: 58%
Protestant: 56%

Government should do more to protect morality:
Evangelical: 50%
Muslim: 59%
Catholic: 43%
Protestant: 33%

And finally, to show that it's the religion's fault, not necessarily a lack of belief:

Belief in God: Absolutely certain
Evangelical: 90%
Muslim: 82%
Catholic: 72%
Protestant: 73%

People, Islam is, simply, a bad religion. They do not fundamentally believe in secularism, which is a treasured first amendment right.

They do not have a progressive belief system. And yet liberals love them. What an odd world!

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