Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thank God Obama won and we didn't have this stupidity and brutality on display to the world.

It's time to rethink Thanksgiving. It seems odd that we celebrate our good luck by slaughtering innocent animals for food inefficiently, thereby exacerbating third world starvation. Remember, in the exact second you eat your turkey a child is dying right now of starvation.

It's an IQ issue, but until the world can come to grips with the racial roots of intelligence gaps, we can do what we can to lower meat consumption and aid the most vulnerable people in the world.

My general point hasn't changed in over a year:

After all, if we can torture and kill animals because they are stupid and can't defend themselves, why can't white civilization do it to stupider Black people?

People, THIS IS THE HBD crux of the issue. I'll keep pounding it and pounding it until people see the connection between race and animal rights.

I'm kinda hoping that when people like Half Sigma, Will Saletan, Ray Kurzweil, Larry Summers, and maybe even Steve Sailer (minus his white supremacist hick contigent) can come together to start figuring out a new policy for a new party.


Anonymous said...

I used to feel the same way you did about animals until one day I got high and realized that plants were alive too. People have to eat. Why do you think animals are better than plants?

Anonymous said...

Plants are not sentient.