Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dating and the singularity

People ask why I am so obsessed with the singularity. My answer is that traveling around the world and paying attention to current events without minding political correctness or victim ideology has made me realize that human beings are seriously fucked up. Evolution is a series of selfish genes, not directed by any central intelligence. Humans are not designed to be in the image of god. We are bags of chemicals and DNA that are capable of unlimited cruelty.

Denial of human reality is manifested in the modern day dating debacle following the feminist revolution.

The problem? Women reward bad people with sex.

I'm an avid Roissy reader, but he just hit one out of the park and it's necessary that you read this in order to confront the dark side of human nature.

Hitting a woman will turn her on"

An important quotes:

I am not claiming that women WISH to be beaten. Naturally, if you ask a woman, she will say “No way I don’t want to be beaten!”. What I do claim is that despite a woman’s conscious feelings towards abusers, her loins and her heart melt for men who abuse them, as can be seen by not only their return trips to the poisoned well (50% of women return to their abusive lovers), but by their very REAL and GENUINE love for their violently abusive lovers. Nothwithstanding to the contrary all the feminist squid ink attempting to whitewash in proper PC politesse why women go back to men who hit them, the simplest, and most parsimonious explanation, is that women return to abusers because THEY LOVE THEM. They are drawn to them. I have looked into the eyes of women who were in relationships with men who hit them, and I saw love. True, deep, fathomless love. If you have ever seen the eyes of a woman in love, you’ll know what I mean. They look as if they’re cavorting on another plane of existence.

Even beautiful women like Rihanna, with nearly illimitable options on the sexual market and an extensive support network that would protect her from abusive boyfriends, cannot help but keep going back to the man who hits her. Rihanna is said to be lonely without Chris Brown. She could have almost any man, but she chooses the man who punched her in the face.

Human nature is hell. Free will does not exist. Rationality is a farce. Equality is a myth. The human idealism of leftist ideology and the resistance to change of conservatism are both based on a false premise: that humanity is capable of creating a better world.

This deep insult to our values infects the world we live in. Where women with access to all the men and money in the world go to men who hit them. When drug dealers in mexico recently returned from a beheading, mafia in russia and terror sheiks in the middle east all have access to the beautiful women of the world who happily submit themselves, what has our species become?

This is why I eagerly await the end of the human era. I am not proud to be human. My species is not worth saving and I think machines making logical decisions with moral programming will be far better beings than humans ever could. Don't be afraid. If we change things can only get better.

Don't hold on to the past if it is not worth saving.


CN said...

Not trying to be funny but lack of pussy should not drive you to this type of anger. If it's one thing that women dislike, it's bitter men. Just relax, improve your looks, and have a not pressed attitude, believe me you will get a woman. Maybe not a ten but you will get a woman.

Johnson said...

Oh don't worry I've gotten women but only when I'm more of an asshole. But yeah I'm sure this attitude does prevail more among "bitter" men but then why would players such as Roissy and Roosh offer such masochistic advice?

CN said...

Actually, Roosh is far more sane and likeable of the two. Besides his hoeish ways and refusal to go down on a woman, Roosh is a halfway decent guy.

I have a lot of respect for his choosing to exit the rat race and ceasing to be a meaningless consumer.

Anonymous said...

Free will is not an illusion. You can CHOSE not to follow your instincts. I do it all the time.