Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sure, the negative stuff is below.

But I'm absolutely giddy of the idea of seeing Obama address a joint address to Congress. It's like the inauguration all over again.

How does the Al-Qaeda propoganda machine match this? Shouldn't the oppressed of the Middle East realize that Islam is a broken ideology and American secularism is the way to go?

What's particularly amazing is that Obama's race is no longer such a big deal. We've come far enough as a country that the focus is now shifted to the economy. What can the president do for the people? That is now far more important than what interest or racial group he belongs to.

This is what makes America, and democracy, great.


Ivy said...

I don't recall how I came here. I think you may have posted on HalfSigma or Sailer.

But I like your blog, though it's disappointing you don't post often. Only recently did I discover that there are others who share so many of my un-PC ideas (race, intelligence, humanity, etc...).

But the color scheme of your blog makes it almost unreadable. The dark background and light lettering is the worst possible scheme. Please change it. I imagine it scares some people off, including myself. Thanks.

Johnson said...

Thanks for the comment. Will do.