Saturday, January 27, 2007

Electronic Music

So last night I went out again, to an electronic music set by a popular DJ in the trance community. The music was quite good. What I found interesting, though, was the race dynamic. Basically, in the room playing electronic music, it was 95% FOB asians and meatheads from Staten Island and Long Island-the guys who slick their hair up and look pretty. What was really interesting is that even though white people are one of the worst dancers when it comes to hip hop, they were pretty phenomenal when it came to raving and break dancing. Same with the Asians-though they didn't dance AS well, their moves were much, much better than what I usually see at a club (like I club I went to last weekend that was all asian). The black guys on the dance floor could not even compete.

Anyway, the whole night I saw one asian guy dance with a white chick. I saw plenty of white guys dancing with asian girls. Once, when I was next to one of the hottest white chicks in the club, she was dancing and looking pretty with a bitchy air about her. This asian dude in front of her was getting really excited and accidentally danced close to her. She shoves him away. He falls forward, looks back at her, and starts dancing farther away. A minute later he apologized to her, and she barely looks at him. Now, 10 minutes later, some white dude is dancing in front of her. He comes in front of her and tries to grind into her. She pats him on the back, indicating she's not interested. He shrugs it off and stops dancing with her. She leaves 30 seconds later.

But oh yeah I forgot. Women are oppressed, right? And the economically successful and law abiding asian males are the oppressors in the US, right?

Go towards the center of the dance floor, where the DJ is playing, and it is 85% white. Go to the outer left side of the dance floor, and it is almost totally asians, with a 2-1 male/female ratio. With a few white guys trying to pick off some asian chicks.

Go to the top room in the club, where hip hop is playing. There you will see very few asians, and primarily blacks and hispanics.

So, tell me race doesn't exist, fine. Then, after some alcohol then we'll see whether you'll act in a race blind manner.

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