Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My First Post

Who knows who will read this blog. Hopefully at least one person, other than me. That person will pass it on, and when people hear the truth they will read.

Anyway, I like to say that this blog is about the "truth." Who really knows what the truth is? I don't know if such a thing exists. However, what you will get is a blog that observes events from a set of very unconventional perspectives. Notably:

1) Biology matters. Whether with regard to racial differences (in physical or mental characteristics), gender differences (in behavior or physiology) or chemical determinants of human behavior, we cannot deny the role that our genetics plays in determining who were are. I believe the environmentalist movement has hijacked most discussion of important issues.

2) Biology should not matter. Even if it is our genetics that creates our destiny, ultimately, humanity should not be at the mercy of our genes. I do not believe that we should limit ourselves to what is "natural." We should pursue human enhancement and be prepared for the inevitability of the ascendance of artificial intelligence. I do not believe that the concept of 'humanity,' is so sacred that we should not tamper with it.

which leads me to

3) Religion is a poison. What religion has done for the majority of our time as a species has provided explanations for natural occurrences that has scientific explanations. People use religion to justify terrible actions, or even oppression, in the world. What we need is a morality grounded in this world. Live a good life because it is the right thing to do, not because of the reward in the afterlife. Justify your actions based on the good it will do in the world, not on whether you received a message from God. Islam, especially, is a religion that accepts nothing but complete obedience. Its unwillingness to accept the beliefs of others as legitimate, as well as the violent record of Muhammed, leads to its violent tendencies, more so than any other religion.

4) Consumerism is a drag on our society. Essentially, marketers and advertisers have, for centuries, been trying ton convince people that they should buy goods in order to feel good about themselves. This has morphed into the consumption of status symbols that people purchase to gain approval from others. When we deeply look into our actions, we realize how much of what we do is designed to gain approval from others, or to feel better than others. Living in this way creates a void that can only be filled by religion. It's a difficult cycle to break. The system is empty, so embrace God. Makes things convenient, doesn't it? You can be a tool of and embrace two ideologies at the same time!

And finally, a more benign perspective:

5) We have all heard of The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. Read that book. Geography is ceasing to exist as a means by which to understand the world. The nature of property will change. Goods on online games will be more valuable than goods in real life. Nerds can live a more fulfilling life through World of Warcraft than by being an average, boring citizen in our world. We can meet people from around the world. Travel is less fullfilling.

So, how do these beliefs play out in real world beliefs?

I oppose the invasion of Iraq. Not because I don't believe in pre-emptive invasion, but because the Iraqi people did not have enough high-IQ individuals to create a nuclear bomb, given their economic level. Also, a secular dictatorship is preferrable to an Islamic dictatorship (Islam and democracy are NOT compatible).

Global warming is real, I don't deny it. The US should do more to prevent it and make its population use more green energy.

I believe that ultimately, humanity's objective is to spread through the universe and reach the Omega Point, in which we essentially become Gods. All very long term goals have to keep that in mind. Basically, we don't want to impose artificial limits on humanity.

These are some labels that I am, with hesitation, willing to take on: Xenophobe, fascist, agnostic, singularitarian, materialist, Patriot, Skeptic, Idealist, Vegetarian, Gay Sympathizer, Anti-Muslim, Bush Hater, and so on. More to come.

As issues in the news come out, I will post links and make comments. My beliefs will mature and hopefully, so will yours. Good reading.

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