Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Night Out

Racism. What comes to mind when one thinks about it?

Allright. This weekend I went out on the town. On Friday, I ended up at an "Asian party," in which I had to sneak in to gain entry. However, once in, the girls were only interested in asian guys. So, I was treated to an incident of rude ethnic isolation in pursuit of love. It's not the first time. Anyway, the funniest part of the night was when we asked girls if they were rascist. They freaked out and staunchly denied it. Usually, people get most upset when they hear something that approximates the truth.

What an even more interesting issue is dating disparities between the races. A movie I saw recently, Rush Hour 2, had a scene that I will never forget. In it, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker go into a nightclub looking for some gangster. I don't know the details, but western music begins playing, and we find Tucker dancing on the stage, surrounded by the Chinese girls, smiling and dancing with him, while all the Asian males sit at the tables and seeth in envy. It's a scene that I see depicted quite often in nightclubs. The white guys are dancing with the Asian chicks, the Asian men seeth, the black guys dance with the white chicks, and the black women seeth (and end up being quite friendly towards a intoxicated lad like me). Regardless, we can understand the rationale for an Asian party: without being blatantly rascist, it is a means by which Asian men can pursue their women without competition from other males.

And this is the great tragedy of sexual competition in a multiracial society like the US: just as various groups have different economic abilities, different races have different sexual appeals. Now, why are Asian men less desired? It's quite simple: lower testosterone levels. Testosterone has been PROVED to have significant effects on aggression levels. Explain this different to people who believe all racial differences in behavior are the result of societal conditioning and stereotypes.

Racial disparities in testosterone-> Genetic
Racial disparities in aggression -> Genetic

This is borne out in statistics. In the 1990 Census, 72 percent of black - white couples consisted of a black husband and a white wife. In contrast, white - Asian pairs showed the reverse: 72 percent consisted of a white husband and an Asian wife.

So where is the problem? We tell our young men that they have to do well in school and play by the rules and they'll succeed in life. Well, that does NOT mean success with women. Asian men are the 'model minority,' yet they consistently get screwed in the dating world. No pun intended. Fair? There are alot of nerds out there not spreading their genes of intelligence to the next generation.

And Saturday night. I'm in a bar, looking for a place to sit. A hispanic woman is sitting at one end of the table. We ask whether a seat on the other side is taken. She says no. My friend asks if the other seat is taken. She flips out. Her big brother comes and starts yelling and harassing us for talking to his sister. We walk away. Later in the night, he corners us in the bathroom. He says that my friend is fine, but he says he didn't like the way I was looking at him. Even though it was my friend that was doing the asking, this guy ended up harassing me and threatening me that he would kill me. My friend is white. I am east Indian. I think that Hispanics are rascist against Indians. You see plenty of hispanic men dating Indian women (or even Asian men in general), but few Indian (or asian) men dating hispanic women.

Perhaps, could it be because Indians are the race that look the most similiar to Hispanics, yet have opposite success levels? You can't claim color discrimination in the case of hispanics and Indians-they look the same. Yet, Indians are well above the mean in household income, while the opposite can be said of Hispanics. That's enough to create animosity between the groups. Indians make hispanics look bad. Anyway, the testosterone disparity can probably be a big source of the crime disparity between Indians and Hispanics.

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Anonymous said...

I think putting these things down to testosterone is too reductionist. People just want to be able to explain thing with a single variable but its really a whole suite of traits that probably correlate with testosterone but are important in themselves. If you were to inject testerone, would your sex appeal increase appeciably.