Monday, February 19, 2007

Barack "Hussein" Obama

Yes, his middle name is Hussein. Why the are people going gaga over this guy? Because of his charisma?
People argue if he is African-American. Technically, yes, because he is half white and half black. However, many blacks say that he does not have the background of "white oppression," that would make him relate to blacks more.

I think this issue is indicative of the generaly disparities between African immigrants to America and African Americans. African immigrants are the cream of the crop in African societies. The come to America because they are enterprising and intelligent. African Americans represent a general cross section of West African blood (most likely not royal blood).

Barack Obama's father is a Harvard educated economist, and his mother is pursuing a Phd. I think it would be fair to say that both of his parents have IQ's greater than 120. Well, that is why Obama gets along well with whites. He did well in life because of his merit, not affirmitive action. He doesn't suffer from "white oppression," because he is an intelligent person.

I really don't think it's about "hope." We can't all live holding hands-there are thugs in this world, and there are serious intelligence disparities. None of the democratic candidates seem able to confront this. While Giuliani won't directly say Islam is evil, he'll fight them, and he won't let blacks make excuses. The best part is that he'll also resist Christian fundamentalists.
Ha, good luck to a reasonable person getting elected!

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