Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I don't know if I'm cursed or something, but I always happen to be single and pissed on Valentine's day. I'm single today, but not pissed. Why? Because this year I've realized how empty our consumerist society is, and, essentially, how love is a lie. Combine those two, and you have the most bullshit holiday ever.

Commercials convince girls that they have to waste money in order to prove to each other that they love each other. And that relationship, which is based off of unfullfilled psychological needs from the past and insecurity, is now fed by consumerism.

I find it morally despicable the way women's emotions are manipulated into feeling totally dependent on the spending habits of guys for their self esteem.

Why must people find it so necessary to advertise their wealth? To make those who make less (not because of laziness, but most likely because of low genetic intellectual endowment) feel like shit. To you people who embrace status symbols, do something good with your lives.

To so many who have someone, why do they have to feel like Valentine's Day is a burden to 'plan' something? And to those who are single? Why feel as if you are not complete unless you are with someone? People should not rely on others for happiness. If that is the case, then you need to start thinking outside the cubicle. Relationships add to life when they are two people mutually improving each other. Dependence is unfortunate.


Anonymous said...

For someone supposedly HBD aware your apparent bemusement and moral outrage is odd. Are you sure your not pissed?
I think you need some time to get more of the old liberal shaken out of you.

Anonymous said...

I have to say...even if what anonymous said is correct. It is wrong.

These days the only situation that exists is the sub 100 IQ, indeed the sub 110 IQ feeding off the smarter than 110 IQ people.

Those people who glorify what Taboo wrote about are welcome to glorify whatever they want, but if the other smarties in general left to form their own society, they would go back to living on farms or caves depending on the level.

The point is "Dont bite the hand that feeds you". The current subsidization structure we have in society makes the lowers take what they get as a right, not a gift.

Seriously, it wont last forever in its current state . Either dysgenics will send the human race back to living in caves, or the smarter bunch will separate.

If society doesnt give Intelligence its due, and it surely does not. They will pay the price.


TabooTruth said...

I think possibly space colonization and the fracturing of society as documented in the Bell Curve will lead to it. There will be different levels of civilization. China and the West will advance forward. Latin America and south asia will barely keep their civilizations. Africa will descent into madness. Genocide and then decline.