Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Comments on Current Events and China

Some disturbing news items:
A 14 year old girl threw her newborn baby out of the window of her apartment, killing him. Apparently, she never thought to leave the child in front of a church, give it to adoption, or fess up to her parents. Obviously, someone this young and inconsiderate is unfit to be a parent. What I further propose, is that such a person is unfit to REPRODUCE, at least at her age.
I believe in rights, especially those enshrined in the constitution. However, reproduction is NOT a right, because one is affecting consciousness outside one's own, and because one is imposing societal costs by having children.

Solution: sterilize ALL women when they hit puberty. As soon as they get married, or are financially able to support a child, they can opt to have the surgery reversed. This will solve a tremendous amount of problems, and offend plenty: the religious, and the low IQ. But you know what? That newborn baby did not deserve that gruesome death, nor all the countless children abandoned or murdered due to the irresponsibility of their parents.

Joe Biden's comments were quite on point about Barack Obama being the first mainstream, clean black politician. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are jokes. To freak out about what Biden said is censorship, plain and simple. I'm going for Biden.

And finally, on a whole different note, the CIA Factbook reports that China's GDP, when adjusting for PPP, is TEN TRILLION DOLLARS. The US's GDP is 12.9 trillion dollars. So, do the Math: China's GDP is 77% of the US GDP.

In 2003, China's GDP was 7.1 Trillion $ while the US GDP was 11.62 trillion, so China was 61% of US GDP.

That's three years ago. I find it extremely interesting that while the entire world is focusing on the evil of the United States, China is exploding with growth and pollution, funneling money into Sudan and Burma and North Korea.
Let us be honest here. While pollution, population imbalances, and a baby boomer crisis threaten China's stability, if the government were to loosen its 1 child policy and make a greater push for green energy, it will smoothen out many rough edges.
The economist http://www.economist.com/world/africa/displaystory.cfm?story_id=E1_RGQJSSG
recently had an article on China's exploitation of Africa's oil resources.

While China still has some of the poorest people on earth, how will the Marxists be able to explain a multipolar world, but with the United States as world #1? Considering China is supporting much worse regimes that the US, what will happen in the UN when people stop glaring at the US in envy, and start worrying about China? Already, Latin America and much of the world has lost significant export markets due to Chinese manufacturing boom. Soon their hatred of the US will turn to China. And so will that of the Islamic World, possibly.

I've studied China to death. The one thing about China that puts it over India and Latin America but no one mentions is quite simple: IQ. An average IQ of 100-105 will, in the long term, put the per person GDP at the same levels as Japan and South Korea/Taiwan. That means that total country GDP will be three times that of the United States. China will so dwarf anything ever seen in world politics.

Though the US has a high average IQ at 99, its proportion of the world's population is a measly (300M/6.5B) = 4.6%
However, China's IQ, at 103, and proportion of population, at 20% of the world's population
EU (with very low pop growth rates and a growing Muslim population) is 7.4% Europe's population ratio at the height of its power in 1900 may have been around 20%, and it dominated the world. And they fought with each other.
Now, picture a Europe in 1900, united to dominate the world.
Russia is about 3%, Japan about 2.5% of the world's population. These are all insignificant compared to the giant of China.

The only other country to compete is India, with 16% of the world's population. However, looking at the disarray in India, one does not have high hopes. In Uttar Pradesh, India's largest state, only 25% of girls older than 7 were literate.

China has three of the top 35 Universities in the World. Only 1 famous IIT made the top 67. An especially important note: China and India are the ONLY countries with GDP<15,000/capita that have universities in the international rankings.
Just wait. Once the cream of the crop stop coming to the US for study, and return to China, then the explosion will begin.

Be prepared. Especially considering how much prosperity in the US is due to Asian Americans (they make up a majority of the quants on Wall Street).

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