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The Resolution to the Asian Issue

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We FINALLY have a post that sets it straight on the truth about why Asian men suffer and what they can do. Before you read, let me warn: I do believe in the philosophy of learning how to pick up (though I've studied it more out of academic interest than in personal application) women and change behavior to become more "alpha". However, I also believe that free will does not exist, and, to put it bluntly, that everything we do IS a chemical reaction in the brain. So, many racial disparities (behavioral, physical) ARE genetic in origin. So, even with pickup and whatnot, there is only so much we can do to alter general population distributions. Anyway, I'm going to post everything he said, as it is put very well.


Hey guys,

It's Daniel Rose, author of The Sex Revolution Handbook (now called The Sex God Method). Formerly, I was a pickup instructor with Vin DiCarlo and other teachers. While I've still got a ton of passion for pickup, I've decided to concentrate at what I'm best at: sex. Right now, I am a professional sex coach. In The Sexual Confidence Bootcamp, I teach men how to become great lovers in intense, interactive workshops. Through a series of interactive exercises, my female assistants and I train men around the world to become Sex Gods.

Now as an Asian guy, I've always had a passion for helping out my Asian brothers. I think it's a shame how so many guys get caught up in the "Asian stereotype". Now -- what can we do to overcome this stereotype and to start having incredible sex with beautiful women?

Let's talk straight for a minute: Asian men do face stereotypes that they have to work against in the dating world. Before women even talk to you, many of them will make judgments about you based on your race. Some will think that you would not be able to satisfy them in bed. That you have a small penis. In short, that you are not SEXUALLY DOMINANT -- that you don't have the cojones to give her what she wants.

And this is certainly fucked up. But let me ask you, whose fault is this?

Is it Asian culture? Is it the American media? Is it the fault of multi-national corporations? The white devil? Is "The Man" just trying to keep Asian guys down? WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT THESE STEREOTYPES EXIST AGAINST ASIAN MEN?

Let me clue you in: it is not the fault of the media, or the corporations, or even the white devil. If you are not having amazing sex with beautiful women RIGHT NOW...the stereotypes against Asian men are YOUR fault.

Let me explain:

When a woman talks to one Asian guy who is not sexually confident, she thinks "that guy was weird. I wouldn't sleep with him."

When she talks to TEN Asian guys in a row who aren't sexually confident, she thinks "Asian guys are weird. I don't sleep with Asian guys."

And if you lack sexual confidence, and you were one of the ten guys that girl came in contact with, then guess what: you just contributed to the Asian stereotype.

But, what should you do about this?

Should you get angry at women when they reject you because of the stereotype, and tell your friends how racist they are? Or, maybe you should organize a political march to protest racism against Asians? Or, maybe just post messages complaining about the stereotype on internet discussion forums all day?

You're welcome to do all these things...but nobody gives a shit. You can post messages on the internet all day...but nobody reads them. You can march around in circles and wave angry signs all you want...but nobody will notice you. In short, you can do all these things, but nobody will care. At the end of the day, the stereotype against Asian men will still exist.

So what can you do? Is there anything that you can do to fight the Asian stereotype that will actually matter?

Yes, there is. By making yourself Dominant and Sexually Confident, you will not only get yourself a great sex life, but fight the Asian stereotype as well.

Let me explain: before I met my girlfriend, she NEVER dated Asian guys. It was a rule that she had. Because no Asian guy she had come in contact with had ever been Dominant enough for her, she assumed that all Asian guys were not Dominant. Therefore, almost every Asian guy was ruled out off the bat.

Now -- most girls are not like this! While the majority of American girls do hold some stereotypes against Asian guys, for most girls it is not anywhere near this bad. My girl had just had an exceptionally bad experience with Asian guys.

However, when I approached her during the daytime, I somehow did not get "ruled out." She gave me her number. Why was this?

Because I drastically broke the stereotype for Asian men. I was Dominant and Sexually Confident -- and thus did not get caught in her "asexual Asian guy" filter.

But yet, once a few days had passed and she could not longer feel my sexual confidence... her old stereotypes began to return. She didn't return my phone calls, flaked on me, etc. because she didn't want to date an Asian guy.

However, once again Sexual Confidence pulled me through. I kept calling her for 3 months trying to get her to meet up (while dating other girls, of course). Finally, it paid off. I got her to come over my house, and I laid her on the first night.

And the rest is history. We've been together for a year and a half, and I've given her the most amazing sex of her life. We're completely in love, and she's fine with the fact that I'm seeing other girls.

But, an interesting thing that I found out: the benefits of the Sexual Confidence I developed don't accrue only to me. By giving my girl amazing sex, I actually changed her sexual preferences and made it so that she not only lost her negative stereotypes against Asians…she now actually prefers Asian guys.

How did I find this out? We're constantly cruising for people for various threesomes, so we like to point out people that we're attracted to at parties and clubs. I pointed out a few girls I liked, and she pointed out a few guys that she thought were hot. And wouldn't you know...all of them were Asian.

This coming from a girl who dated nothing but 200 lb. meathead white and Hispanic military guys before me.

Great sex is that powerful. If a woman experiences mindblowing sexual pleasure with an Asian guy...she subconsciously links sexual pleasure and Asian men. Thus, her sexual preferences in men are actually redefined. The stereotype is broken.

So...the best thing that you can do to fight the Asian stereotype is not to join political movements or write protest letters. It is to improve yourself, to make yourself Dominant and Sexually Confident. You must learn the sexual skills of a Dominant alpha male. You must learn how to talk dirty to her, to look her straight in the eye and command her to suck your cock. You must become sexually confident to manhandle a girl over your knee and spank her -- and know that she'll love it. You must be able to pin her hands behind her back and fuck the shit out of her while she cums uncontrollably on your cock.

If you can do these things, your Sexual Confidence will go through the roof. You'll naturally give a vibe that attracts women, and literally get women addicted to sex with you. Not only will this make your life enormously better, but it will help pave the way for other Asian men. Every girl who you give great sex to will be another girl whose stereotypes are destroyed.

This is the way to conquer negative stereotypes against Asian men for good.


Anyway, take it for what it's worth. I never intended this blog to be about pickup and seduction, but I find that many things people learn in the community can be applied to thinking about evolutionary psychology, race, and human interaction. It's all connected.

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