Friday, October 19, 2007

Who sees the contradiction?

So apparently the Islamic Republic of Iran is making war on porn
and conservatives continue to condemn the regime. Is anyone going to ever point out that the hardline stance on Islamic regimes that the right takes is quite hypocritical given their agreements with many of them over social policy?

Then again, though, it's just as hypocritical for liberals to join forces with Muslim sympathizers. By not acknowledging the uniquely Islamic threat, Democratic candidates are giving credit to Rudy Guiliani.


peewee said...

No conservative would go so far as to make creation of porn punishable by death. Very few of Iran's ideas are much in line with Christian fundamentalism. I gather youre moving back to the left again?

TabooTruth said...

Only on issues of religious dogma interfering with people's right to pursue happiness that doesn't infringe on other's rights.

I think we should approach religious AND race issues with scientific skepticism, something neither the left nor the right wants.