Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting out of my head

So partying for Halloween last night, I realized something disturbing. I do terribly with women when I am actually thinking. I just don't know what happens, when I down those drinks and all of a sudden I'm spontaneous and my game is on and I can say what needs to be said in the right timing and all of that stuff.

What is it about sarging girls that getting out of one's head is so critical to the process? And makes it infinitely more enjoyable? And how does one get out of one's head without the aid of alcohol? If I can figure that one out, then I would have hit the sweet spot.


Justin Halter said...

I think "being taken" has the same effect. When you already have a girlfriend, flirting is infinitely more effective, because you are more confident and you have nothing to lose, so you say whatever you think (much like with alcohol).

Here is your key advantage, player: a girl is an insecure mess without a man. They are more desperate for bonding than we are, so always ALWAYS remember, you are doing her a huge psychological favor by even talking to her. You are an intelligent player, and you know that she is desperate to find a good man, no matter what her pretenses. Know it, and you will be the master of the scenario. Good luck, brother.

TabooTruth said...

Fair point