Sunday, December 2, 2007

The cult of virginity

I've railed against the cult of virginity and the "sex is bad" movement for some time. At least some validation .


Sleep said...

Don't forget to tell people your blog address has changed. Blogger doesn't use a forwarding address when you change the URL of your blog. I thought you were gone until I thought to go find your profile page and see what you were up to there.


Sleep (formerly peewee, formerly formerly Soap)

Johnson said...

Well I'll keep commenting and people will find me eventually on the roissy, isteve, 1/2 sigma blog, or wherever. Thanks for the heads up. I figured it was time to shift the focus away from this race stuff and go to more general topics.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, awesome point, i think more people need to find out about this...

I've been trying to point out just how much the mainstream consumerism culture tends to try to create sex paranoia for a while as well.

You're doing good work

biguns said...

Correlation =/= causation.

Late virginity may be the symptom of repressed or sexual dysfunction, instead of vice-versa.

But you cannot automatically assume one or the other. More shoddy journalistic "science."