Friday, December 7, 2007


From the speech of Mitt Romney.

"Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom."
Uh, so as an atheist I don't believe in freedom?

"No movement of conscience can succeed in America that cannot speak to the convictions of religious people."
(Primary reason why HBD-religion can yield scary results)

"They are attempting a new religion in America. The religion of secularism."
(Well our secularism is exactly what the terrorists attacked us for)

"The conviction of the inherent worth of every life is the most revolutionary political proposition ever advanced."
(IQ and HBD begs to differ)

"Americans acknowledge the liberty is a gift of God."
What the hell does this mean? Have you been to Saudi Arabia lately?

"We can be thankful that reason and religion are friends in the cause of liberty."
What happened to Sam Harris or Dawkins? Both bestsellers, mind you. Have you looked at levels of faith among scientists?

14.2% of Americans define themselves has being agnostic, atheist, or having no faith (CIA). I don't know where singularitarianism fits in, but probably not with Protestants.

Oh well.


Sleep said...

While it's true that people with high levels of education are more likely to be atheist than those with little education, a majority of people from every individual education level do at least believe in God. In other words: while it's true that people who aren't very smart tend to believe in God, people who are very smart tend to believe in God as well.

But it could be that even the smartest people in the world just aren't ready to consider a world without a God, and so even the highest education level groups contain many Theists who are Theits only because they refuse to think about the possibility that they are wrong.

be1man said...

As sad as this may sound, I think we are genetically programmed to believe in a superior/higher power. This is a necessary component to be a herd animal. It's a collective delusion.

Reason and eduction may play a role in enlightenment. In the end, biology (almost) always wins.

Johnson said...

Hence the persistence of religious beliefs in the world despite all phenomena previously attributed to God now explained by science.

Hence the seduction community, which, because it is based on biology, has incorporated some misogynistic views that work quite well.