Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pickup goes mainstream

While I usually think most of the dating articles on MSN or Yahoo are bs, a recent one on approaching had some decent points. Like:

Do not hesitate. They even mention the 3 second rule

And body language pointers, like don't fidget, and lean away from her.

What I don't understand, is the whole big deal over a woman catching a guy using lines she knows he learned on the internet or worse, TV show .

Basically, that tells her that the guy isn't as charismatic or interesting as she thinks. He is just faking it. In essence, he is using a fake fitness indicator to convey personality and social dominance while in fact he has none.

So, instead of enjoying the interaction, the girl discounts the guy because he revealed himself to not be the dominating charmer she thought initially. Even if the dominating charmer won't commit, won't do anything to help the world, and will likely leave her with a broken heart, she's powerless to resist him because of the way female sexual selection has evolved into modern day bimbo.

The thing that is most confusing, though, is that the woman are attracted to men BECAUSE of their aloof, interesting, funny, socially dominant personalities. So, what difference does it make to them where the guy learned it? I supposed the woman would prefer the genes of a natural rather than a keyboard jockey turned pickup artist. But still, it's not like she is going home with a guy because she thinks he's hot and then at home he takes of his mask to reveal the face of a monster.

But shouldn't women worry more about the fact that these asinine lines work in creating attraction, and that largely, their gender is devoid of anyone who can feel attracted to intelligence?

Warning: evolutionary psych makes people very disillusioned about the world. But at least we know the root of our problems. Ignorance can be bliss.


Soap said...

I would not want to date someone who has to go to sites like this and read advice about what to do on a date. @_@

Sorry. But I totally understand why women do not like guys who rehearse pickup lines and such, and agree with them.

Johnson said...

What if it's a genuinely good person learning how to fake being a bad boy in order to score?

You'd rather prefer the genuine bad boy, who would have no qualms about screwing you over emotionally, just because he's doing it naturally and didn't have to learn it?

Soap said...

Well I think it goes without saying that women generally prefer men with good social skills because they are a lot more fun to be with. And the fact that you're going to dating advice websites where they teach how to act as if you have good social skills proves that you already know this. Now if you were a woman, and you had a choice between a husband who was fun to be with and one who *tried* to be fun to be with, which one would you prefer? I think that goes without saying as well.

Now you try and cast the two types of men as "good" and "bad" but I honestly think that's just wishful thinking on your part. Everyone wants to see themselves as the good guy but obviously we can't all be good guys now can we. I'm sorry if I'm being insulting but after reading through more and more of these posts saying how women are evil because your mathematical formulas say so I couldn't help but speak my mind. And no I'm not a woman, I'm a man who, like most men, sees the world a little more clearly than you do.

Johnson said...

No problem-criticism welcome. It's just that pretty much every guy I know that scores with lots of women also has no respect for the vast majority of them.

A few long term relationships aren't going to yield truths about women.

Posts like this seem to make concrete everything I've read about. And, in my own experience, acting like a genuine, caring guy just generally hasn't been very successful compared with slightly misogynistic actions and attitudes.

Anonymous said...

actually, non-verbal cues are much more powerful than any line a man can use and even if a woman a knows a man if using "canned" material, he can still be successful in winning her favor.

ps - your point about roosh is well taken. however, while guys like him may be able to bed lots of women, he will prob spend the rest of his life looking for something he will never find.