Friday, December 28, 2007


So, taking a break from all the bleak political turmoil, I checked out the movie Hitch which came out a few years ago and I've been meaning to see.

Roger Ebert said it best
"The premise is intriguing, and for a time it seems that the Date Doctor may indeed know things about women that most men in the movies are not allowed to know, but the third act goes on autopilot just when the Doctor should be in."

Just in case you haven't seen the movie, Will Smith may have been on to something. There is a speed dating scene in which Smith states that any guy CANNOT tell a girl that he likes her in order to get with her, and the rest of the guys agree. Then he blurts out that he gives nice guys a chance, the nice guys that women usually don't look at. And in the beginning, his advice is usually decent, and of course there has to be a token white guy/asian girl couple.

Of course, it collapses into absurdity when the usually coquettish Eva Mendez falls for the blubbering Smith, and the stocky and too nice Albert gets "Hitched" with Cole.

So, I don't know what modern dating and ubiquitous information will yield, whether the media will start to incorporate the insanity that is dating paradoxes, or they'll continue to show nice guys with no game getting laid.

I suppose that with the soon demise of commercials due to TIVO and Itunes, product placement will start to influence the movie scripts. Perhaps in order to sell more products, movies will avoid the alpha and evolutionary reality and instead stick to the traditional view that buying things for women will make them like you.

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