Friday, August 10, 2007


"a damning report outlined the many mistakes of ACS caseworkers investigating claims of child abuse and neglect after 10 children died as a result of mishandled investigations.

That number may rise, as Staten Islander Hailey Gonzalez is clinging to life at Richmond University Medical Center, West Brighton, after allegedly being beaten by her mother, Marlene Medina and her boy friend, Edwin Garcia.

Hailey's biological father, Maunel Gonzalez, is currently serving a two-year prison term for beating her in a Brooklyn apartment earlier this year."

Who are the most neglected victims of political correctness? It is the kids who have no one to talk to when their parents beat them up.

Having children is a privelege, not a right. People should have IQ tests before they have kids. Despite this being extremely beneficial for the children, it will be considered a violation of civil rights. Mandatory sterilization, removed only after showing competence at life. That's fair.


Peewee said...

Having children is a privelege, not a right.

I disagree with you there. If you can't even be guaranteed the right to reproduce, what good is your life? What a good way to make people hate you.

TabooTruth said...

That's purely a nature-centric view of life. Human beings are merely vessels designed to make additional copies of our genes. From that perspective, sure, life would be meaningless without reproduction.

But I have a very difficult time believing that we should give merit to the life of someone who is absolutely incompetent at raising children and will not even provide for them and make the state do it.

For most of human history, people were able to reproduce freely because nature eliminated most offspring. With social programs in place, most infants survive, and therefore we have to be more cognizant of who we allow to reproduce.

If you look at the state of illegitimate children born to high school dropout parents and crime rates/socioeconomic success among them, then...

How many abused and murdered children will it take to put a hold on irresponsible parents. It makes me angry when I read that article about the 20 month old girl who will most likely die from being beaten to death. That woman should not have been allowed to reproduce. Period.