Thursday, August 16, 2007

Episode 2


I DO NOT like reality TV.

I think it is a huge waste of time and makes people care more about idiots and their personal drama rather than the world around them (things like genocide, poverty, abuses of religion/other false beliefs).

But, also, one can learn about people through TV. In particular, one show: the pickup artist.

Episode Two of the Pick up Artist

Uh, someone please tell me if I'm being paranoid by singling out the Asian guy for particular ridicule and being paranoid that it was an asian guy who this happened to.

Mystery said that EVERYONE goes through the paralyzing fear of approach anxiety.

I should temper his words.

I think there are disparities in who goes through approach anxiety depending on how their body handles various stress hormones. And also, after seeing hordes of asian men stand by the sidelines in clubs while alpha white and black men chat up their women, there is more going on.

What's the mediator to approach anxiety? Alcohol! And guess what? Asian men just can't hold their alcohol.

Do you all remember why Asian men in particular have this deficiency with being Don Juan? I again relate to you Rushton. In warm agricultural society where women were able to collect enough food for the child, men violently competed for short term mating opportunities and social dominance (through physical dominance) usually won. Thy were adept at creating attraction in short periods of time.

In colder climates, pair bonding was necessary, and because men and women developed relationships over a long period of time, the initial approach and introduction phase was never developed.

In fact, it was actually BRED OUT of Asian men through approach anxiety.

Think about it: in an organized clan, if a woman was approached and rejected a man, that guy was a goner. If a guy is rejected by a girl, why would another woman bother getting this guy as a PARTNER? So, men learned never to approach them.

In warm climates, the guy is there for a short term screw, so social status did not mean as much. You force your way onto the girl, that's it. You grunt, she grunts, ok. YOu grunt, she turns her head, no big deal. Everyone is fighting anyway.

Asian/cold climates: you participate in society and find a PARTNER.

Don't blame the media for stereotypes (I'm talking to you, fallout podcast).

Blame God.

No, I'm actually serious.

Blame God.

Because either God is CRUEL OR the religious nutjobs won't let us invest into genetic research to improve ourselves for fear of upsetting God's "perfect creation" even if the tinkering is just to let some Goddamn asian guys be able to talk to some ditz.

Yes, spoon is pathetic for not trying to improve his life. However, we have to look deeper. What is going on outside the show?

The reality show is a product designed to get ads.

The reality show also has some grounding in the real world, though.

But, hey, even the NY Times is getting a flavor of pickup artist fever! Linked to the freakonomics blog theres a post on the concept of "negging" or, insulting the woman so that she doesn't get cocky and think you want to get in her pants. Sounds strange, right? Read up previous posts on evolutionary psychology of attraction, and read up on mystery method, and finally, check out ladder theory . It ALL ultimately comes down to perceived value, which is usually transmitted through social dominance.

Things may come together.

God, the world is SO fascinating, especially when you see how everything just starts to make sense, and then on the rare occasion, your worldview gets destroyed and you advance to a new level of consciousness.

Learn about attraction, people. My aim is to destroy the monopoly on womanizing that black men, jocks, drug dealers, and rich snobs have.

The Bell Curve meets The Game!


Peewee said...

Are Asians really all cold-adapted? Even the ones who are living in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and so on?

If I'm not mistaken you've said that you're of East Indian descent. Hopefully you can help me here. It's always been my impression that dark-skinned people from Southern India are some of the most polite, introverted, shy people on Earth. Those are traits you associate with cold-adapted people ... are Dravidians an exception and if so how come? For a race that is commonly assumed to have resulted from mixing between Middle Eastern farmers and Australoid aborigines they don't seem to share many of the stereotypical traits of either. I don't have much contact with nonwhites however, so I am going on very limited personal experience combined with things I've read on blogs like these.

p.s. I've never been sure what East Indian means exactly. It seems to be just a synonym for Indian, but with East added to disambiguate from American Indian. Am I right that it does not mean "from eastern India" or "from the East Indies (i.e. Southeast Asia)"? Also, non-Dravidian people from India are harder to spot, so I can't say anything much either way about them, but I'd like to hear anything you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Yup, East Indian is Indian rather than Injun.

The politeness comes from the strong family and class structure I think. This can break down amongst emigrants.

Shy, really? Any Indian will talk your ear off if given half the chance.

TabooTruth said...

The thing to remember with the Indians is genetic diversity. I think a few posts back on unrealistic expectations for India, I discussed India's chaotic genetic history. Honestly, in a strictly Rushton frame, South Asians (Indians) and Native Americans (Indians) are a little harder to fit into the frame because their evolution didn't proceed very straightforward.

And the whole Dravidian think is weird. There are some Indian-Americans from South India, but in a technical sense, but are upper caste and therefore don't look like the typical dark south indian. Again, it's harder to stereotype about Indians because of the tremendous genetic diversity. Some of them look white, some look black. Some have oriental features.

byrdeye said...

Well, if natural Game is proportional to hotter climates/lower latitudes - then a Vietnamese should have more natural Game than an Italian, right?

Hmm, I see a slight flaw in this climate-based theory here...

Anonymous said...

Asian guys should take steroids (testosterone); forget the fake media outrage by sports writers (the scum of the Earth), they didn't kill Lyle Alzado. They, in fact, do much more than build muscle; they improve mood and sharpen the mind. That might help. Or they could just pump iron (which has been shown to increase basal testosterone levels after consistent training for 2 years).