Thursday, August 30, 2007

How can feminism deal with this?

From David Deangelo
's mailbag

Hey David;

I'm an older guy and not in a great
hurry to double my dating but I do enjoy your
newsletter. I am analyzing this wuss thing that
men seem to do mainly because I am was so guilty
of it myself. It is through your newsletter that I
am managing to control it. Why is it that so many
men seem to do this? They treat women like gods
or queens and that is not how they want to be

I did what you tell all the guys. I stopped calling
everyday and snuck in chauvinistic jabs. One
example was her relating to me that her son wants
to attend a co-ed college or dorm because he wants
to room with a girl that will take care of him
while he is away from home. Before reading your
newsletter I would not have responded with "well
that's what they are for isn't it?" I got the
smack on the arm and a warning to watch it but we
seem to be relating a lot better than we did


REALLY think hard about this. On the Fallout Central podcasts, commentators always complain about the jokes about Asian Americans, and that the jokes lead to stereotypes and discrimination, and even violence against Asian Americans.

Extract this rationale to "flirting" above, PRAISED by a top seduction guru. Men joke, and then men internalize these jokes. In such a situation, where women's attraction switches are triggered by men acting chauvinistically, then what is the future for feminism?

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xsplat said...

You are right, that feminism can't get to a feminist utopia from where it is right now. You can't get there from here, because where here is, does not exist. Feminism, right now, denies sociobiology.

It has a long way to go to integrate the current data and facts within its frameworks.