Friday, August 10, 2007

The Pickup Artist

Try checking out Mystery's new show on VH1, the pickup artist.

What I'm curious about is how much social conditioning can change genetics.

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xsplat said...

Hi Tabootruth - good blog. Yes, how much can social conditioning influence genetics is the big question. Feminists are Utopian in that they imagine their ideals can be won with social education.

You posted on apostates website that beauty isn't a social construct, and I replied, and she erased our comments. Did you reply again there?

I suspect that no amount of logic and reasoning and pointing out the facts will have an emotional impact upon Apostate and many who "think" about gender relations. Her other posts show a clear pattern of being bothered that bodies are more or less attractive, that a less attractive body can get less respect, that an attractive body can get unwanted sexual attention, and that appearance and sexual attractiveness is what bodies are and do, no matter what else they do.

Many feminists don't want sex to interfere, to have priority. It's like resenting the need to eat and breathe, resenting the imposition of waking up in the morning. I've seen this before - she is not looking to use dialogue to refine her views - she is using it to forge alliances and spurn or avoid those that disagree.