Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Night Out, II

So, went out to a pretty ghetto club in NYC last night to get in touch with the "masses" and take a break from the snobby investment bankers and princesses that I usually find in my typical nightspots. Some notes:

1) Fat chicks - everywhere. God damn, at least 2/3 of the girls in the club were seriously overweight. And the guys were still stepping to them. Yuck. Dammit, woman, don't have children if you can't shed the weight afterwards.

2) No techno :(

3) Gropping. Yeah, I got virtually molested by the security guard before he let me in, checking every crevice for a concealed weapon. Damn. So minorities committ more crimes because they are arrested at a higher rate, right? Man, I don't even get touched by the bouncer whenever I go to a predominantly asian party.

4) The cover - 20$. Pretty sizeable for this "oppressed" group of minorities, right? So they don't have money to buy themselves books, but they can spend it on bling and drinking apparently.

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