Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to create artificial scarcity

Girls are master social manipulators. While us guys were playing sports as kids, they were gossiping. Because, from an evolutionary perspective, the main value the women bring to the table is eggs, they are experts at making guys clingy and extracting resources from them. I got an email from badboy lifestyle with some examples:


Make Her Clingy

There's a great quote that people use in show business "Always leave them wanting more." Think about all of the best movies you've seen, the best rides at the amusement park, the best clubs you've ever been to. Was it easy to get in? Did you get in right away? Was the wait sometimes longer than the event? This leads to my next topic. Make her clingy.

Girls are Masters of doing this. They are able to make any guy desperate and needy for more. Actually not any, but most of them.

They simply have skills to make guys wait.

Did ever happened to you that for some reason, you feel needy during date with her?

That’s how they create feeling of value and control. They make you clingy, needy, desperate, then they realize how needy you are, and then they dump you. Go figure.

You as a player, you must take control over this, and make her needy.

You must turn the tables on her.

Yes, that is big secret of all players around world. Did you notice how some guys are able to make woman chase them? I will reveal you secret that Is going to make them chase you.

It’s a time for you as a man, to start making them crazy about you.

I am not going to give you the secret so easily. You will need to think about it for a second.

Tell me,

-When you are with a girl on a date, who is the one who says “I must go home now” (first one who end date? You or she?

-When you are kissing her during first few dates, who stops kissing? Let me guess she?

-When you are Text-messaging back and forth, who is the one who ends?

I hope you can see what I want to say here. They are smart, they are sneaky. Its very powerful weapon.

It's just as simple as artificial scarcity.
DHV-neg-time constraint - the holy grail of the initial pickup, according to Mystery Method.

It even works for guys with little social value, but for those with it, it's devastating.


So your 3 new rules you going to use on first date are >

1)When you kiss her for very first time, be the one who pulls back first (stops kissing)

You can kiss her again later, but try to be the one who is putting on the brakes first. Remember, give a little, and then pull away. Almost like a game of tag--once you've tagged them, retreat.

Basically, you kiss her for first time, kiss her very good for few minutes, and then slowly stop kissing her, pull away, and keep smile on your face while still looking in her eyes. Ask her, so what kind of music you listen? Continue conversation. Keep her hungry for more kissing.

2) Don’t be too available. So even you are enjoying date with her, but you see its almost not possible you going to get her home that night, end a date, and make her clingy for more. But make sure she was enjoying date a lot. Then end it.

This kind of behaviour drives them crazy. Basically, you are sending message to her brain, you need me, more then I need you!

Friend of mine had this problem that he was milking dates. He would stay with girl forever and chat for 3 hours with her, and did nothing. Eventually, date became boring, and she decided to go home. He never got chance to see them again. In almost a year, he wasn’t able to get the second date. I told him to try this: When date is on Peak (peak of fun & energy) end it. Just tell her something urgently came up, and you must go.

If you look at core of this method, its push-pull. You give her something (fun) and then you take it away.

People go crazy when you do this kind of stuff to them.

The theory is really quite simple. Sometimes it can get a little depressing that all these social phenomena are easily explained with selfish gene theory. But hey, what can you do?

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