Friday, November 30, 2007


From the email of badboy lifestyle:

Differences Between the Brains of Men and Women

I usually write about hard core pickup advice, however this week I will write about something that intrigues me, and because it's so cool, I wanted to share it with you..

A couple days ago, I happened upon some very interesting research. It dealt with the differences of the brains of men and women when they fall in love. Finally an explanation! What is Love? In nature everything has a specific purpose. What is the purpose of Love? For all of you who were totally in love with your girlfriend, you know the feeling. She becomes the center of your life, whole world fades out. They did CT and PET brain scans of couples who were in love longer than 6 months. They found out that when these couples are in love, the brain shut down in several areas. The things that were inactive were parts used for logical reasoning, parts that process negative emotions, social reasoning and part of the brain who's homework is reading people's intentions and emotions. It looks like love is not just blind, but dumb & retarded too! The brain shuts down the parts that use reason and logic, so you cannot make logical decisions. Nice. It looks like nature has created a protective mechanism, that will make sure that we make babies, no matter how much we don't want to. Nature made sure that we as a species continue growing. So love is going to last and make you stay around a girl enough long for the kid to grow up. I'm assuming it's around 2 years. Every long term relationship I have ever had became dry after 2 years.

There were two facts found in this research that really impressed me. That makes total sense as it's so true in the field (usually theories and real world never match).

1. They did CT scans of the brain when women and men were sexually aroused. When men get aroused, a few sections for pleasure were activated, and logic, and most other functions still worked. In the female brain, when they got aroused, their brain shut down completely (Logical reasoning, emotional control). This makes so much sense. It explains every last minute resistance I have ever had in my life. You are going through hours of Logical resistance. " we shouldn't be doing this", "Its too fast", " I am not that type of girl" and then you turn her on, and it's game over.... she is totally yours. She forgets everything and all of those excuses she used an hour before never existed. Remember this next time you are in bed with her and you are getting logical resistance.

2. That woman is more likely to mate with her partner when something wild happens. They go through something dangerous, her brain starts to produce high levels of Dopamine, which is stimulating the production of Testosterone.

This explains the experiences of all of my dates and why my dates are so successful. I usually take girls on something wild for the first date. Things like go-carts, target practice, roller coaster rides, or anything else that's fun to me. I always make my dates physical and challenge. This research shines a new light on this, and explains a lot to me. I noticed after riding go carts, how they are shaking, like adrenaline is rushing through whole her body, and you just needed to make them little bit comfortable, and they were ready to be taken home. This goes with my rule "Give her a Ride"

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