Friday, November 23, 2007

Saletan's Failure

So his three articles are done and available here but I'm not too impressed with his social philosophy of how to get by knowing racial differences in intelligence. Steve Sailer pointed to some analysis here and I'll add some comments:

Just his title: All God's Children
That is itself immediately shows our need to justify human equality using religion.

Here are his axioms, with my comments:
1. Individual IQ can't be predicted from race.
2. Subgroup IQ can't be predicted from race.
3. 3. Whitey does not come out on top
4. Racism is elitism minus information (didn't understand what he meant by this other than allowing the use of IQ to judge people instead of their race)

5. Intermarriage is closing the gap: NOT a good thing. If all the smart people in the world intermarried with dumb people, then if you know anything about normal distributions, there will be much fewer really smart people in the next generation!

6. Environment matters (sure but that's avoiding the crucial issues)

7. IQ is like wealth: As in it's not a measure of human worth. I agree, but in a world where IQ really is crucial to job success, and we live in a world of hyper consumption, eh, things get complicated.

8. Life is more than g: Sure, I guess

9. Children are more than an investment: Sure, but tax dollars aren't infinite

10.Genes can be changed:

AH HA! NOW we get to the crux of the matter, the ENTIRE reason why I became interested in this stuff in the first place. NATURE/GOD IS CRUEL. HUMANITY IS NOT PERFECT. And we should use technology to make us the best species possible! I think that knowledge of HBD will hopefully drive is sooner towards the singularity
at which point the world will become much more interesting.

Hang tight, it should be a wild ride. Machine AI will laugh at us in 30 years for being so prudish about this topic.

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