Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Bad guys are winning

So, the candidates of partisanship and division, Hillary and disgusting Romney, won Nevada. Not good. But then again, what the hell is this change that everyone keeps talking about? A change in partisan warfare? Not likely, though the situation will improve without Bush. There are just too many disagreements in American society today. If only Biden won.

I can't believe that Romney had the insanity to say that change in Washington was needed. I mean, come on! He has never criticized President Bush for anything, and yet Bush is the Washington politician most responsible for our current political messes.

From his website

"The change message, with the governor's ability to get things done, is obviously our strongest message right now..."

Washington Post 01.16.2008

All the more evidence that this campaign of change is a bunch of bs. Bill Clinton wasn't a candidate of "change" and yet, he is still one of the most popular presidents of recent history. What he did was govern from the center and avoid divisive politics.
We need someone with the pragmatism needed to govern a crazy world and divided country. Not more idealists who think that we can turn the America or the world into a utopia.


Sleep said...

Why, who're you rooting for? Obama?

Half Sigma said...

There are lots of Mormons in Nevada, because Nevada borders Utah. Mormons will vote for other members of their own religion.

Johnson said...

Yeah I figured, HS. It's just depressing when I see Romney happy.

I mean, he was arguing with John McCain over whether the US should torture people. He criticized Huckabee for criticizing Bush. He said that freedom requires religion. Shudder.

Since I was 100% pro Biden before reality kicked in, I haven't thrown in my lot with any candidate. Obama is an inspirational speaker, but I heard an anecdote awhile ago about Kennedy talking with Kruschev, and he said that Kennedy wouldn't be able to make hard decisions and was a pussy (not his exact words). I don't think Obama, who wants to negotiate directly with these leaders, can afford to be perceived as a softy.

I'm starting to gravitate towards a nonmoderate democrat and republican winning the primary that would give the race to Bloomberg. John McCain winning would end a Bloomberg candidacy, which looks likely after SC.

And yeah, I guess Hillary isn't terrible, but she's not a leader. She's a legislator and a good politician.

I hope it doesn't come down to a coin toss on 2/5.

semi-amiable misanthrope said...

Stripped of abstraction, "Change" basically means, "If I am elected, someone new will be in the Oval Office -- which will be different."