Monday, January 28, 2008

Live blogging

Madame Speaker:

The President of the United States!

A Barack Obama moment, where we realize that despite all our partisanship, we (or at least most of our politicians) are still fighting for the same country. It's so fascinating that the patriotism really does supercede the politics for a night, and it represents a great tradition.

It is the last time (for hopefully a long time) that this tremendously divisive leader is making his address on such a grand stage in front of such a sympathetic audience.

Interesting to see Pelosi, Obama, and Kerry all standing and clapping.

Pleased to accept checks and money orders? No clapping from the left.
Make the tax relief permanent. Ouch. The politics returns. OMG Pelosi and Cheney actually spoke!

Gocernment should balance budget! At least we can agree on that.
And health care.
But not increasing government control. 9:20, decisions aren't made in the Halls of Congress. Is that really worse than decisions by HMOs?

NCLB highest scores? Uh, it's called teaching to the test. AF AM and Hispanic scores changed, but does it mean anything? 9:21

Why are the Dems against cutting earmarks? And WTF with those weird facial expressions? Why don't the justices stand?

9:22 is Kennedy sleeping?

I can agree on free trade. And the government helping people adjust.

9:25 Nucular power? The Dems stood up before the Repubs on environmental issues. And science funding they agree.

9:29 Moral boundaries and biotech. Fair comment on stem cells. Legislation banning cloning, patenting, selling human life? That seems a little broad.

9:32 Go LA! Save Social Security!
Seal the Border. Create temp workers. (no complaints). Uphold laws and ideals-complicatied, but good sentiment.

9:35 We trust that people choose freedom. People will reject terror.
This is the great tragedy of the neocons, this assumption. Why does he have to tell us that we're inspired?
Violent rule, or sharia rule?
We will deliver justice! What does that mean? What about Bin Laden?
Spreading Freedom! ...

9:43 Al Qaeda will be defeated! Sure, but they weren't there before the war. How is a Dem supposed to react to such a politically calculated statement?

9:56 Opposes genocide in Sudan? WTF does that mean? Are we going to do anything about it?

I applaud AIDS prevention and aid, for American political reasons.
The State of the Union is strong.

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