Thursday, January 24, 2008

The problem with the left

This article by Pipes demonstrates why the liberals in America have such a problem generating true enthusiasm and support.

The feminists are against male oppression, but yet they look down on criticisms of Islam, they embrace the Latin American peasants who are oppressive to women. They campaign for alleviating poverty in Africa, where genital mutilation takes place and the men do a fraction of work that the women do.

They protest the Iraq War, but instead of saying that the problem being Iraqis are too primitive to have a functioning civil society, they say that we're "imposing" our beliefs on them.

They have no problem using science to discredit Christianity, but won't speak ill of Islam, and won't allow science to look at race.

They decry the genocide in Sudan, but it never dawns on them that it is MUSLIMS committing the genocide, against blacks.

The decry global warming, but fail to note that the meat industry is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. Al Gore is not a vegetarian.

They decry the seduction industry for being misogynist, yet consistently fall for the Spanish guys with the same chauvinistic attitudes, while criticizing the white guys for oppressing women AND not being masculine enough.

They believe in multilateral institutions like the UN, but fail to note that a ton of really bad countries have a ton of voting power.

They love France, but fail to note that France has been unable to integrate their Muslim immigrant populations.

They believe that whites oppression, but only in the case of Hispanics and Blacks. Asians are on their own.

They say they are not racist, but damned if they will make their kid attend a majority black school!

They believe in helping the vulnerable, but don't care about a third trimester baby inside a woman.

They decry the West for imposing its values on the world, but don't realize that all their other beliefs about race, justice, and equality, are NOT shared by many people outside the West. That the US is one of the least racist countries in the world.

They decry the media for objectifying women, but have no problem sleeping with the frat boy dominant men who do it the most.

They look down on the men for seeking Asian women for their submissiveness, but have no problem going with African and Hispanic men for their dominance.

They decry prostitution, but don't want to realize that it is the pimps(usually black) who cause the problems for their women, not the white johns.

They decry free trade and insist on fair labor standards, but look the other way when children and their parents starve/prostitute themselves in the third world because the factory that wants to open can't afford the high standards.

They decry the white male sex tourist, but refuse to give him the time of day back home.

They believe that a woman shouldn't have to take care of a child she doesn't want, but make men bare that responsibility.

They get upset at men for staring at their breasts, but wear tight shirts to attract attention.

They love Barack Obama, but get upset if you mention his father was a polygamist.

They are in favor of unlimited Mexican immigration, but don't care about the poor intelligent desperate around the world that also want to come to America.

They yell at Don Imus for his comments, but fail to note that black culture is more misogynist than white culture.

They believe in gay rights, but fail to condemn Black, Hispanic, and Muslim culture that actively is against gay rights.

I am still, to some degree, a liberal. On I still agree more with Democrats, by far, then Republicans.

I believe that dissent is good,
externalities occur in the economy,
gays are programmed by nature to be gay,
god does not exist,
global warming is a problem,
sometimes people are too brainwashed by Madison Ave to spend their money correctly and the federal government can do a better job on occasion,
that HMO's have a conflict of interest in providing health care and can't be trusted,
That being a true American is not dependent on race or religion,
That meat is bad,
That affirmative action may be the only way to prevent racial relations breakdown in the face of genetic intelligence differences,
That women should screw whoever they want and use as much birth control as they want in the first 3 months,
That guns are for the state government to defend against the federal government, not for people to use for hunting,
That our moral standing in the world is just as important as our military power,
That wiretapping is BAD,
That the War on Terror is really a war of ideas with Islam, and the phrase terrorism is being used to scare us,
That we should be allowed to burn the flag because otherwise the 1st amendment means nothing,
That pornography isn't sinful,
That examined life is better than the unexamined.

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