Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Caucus for Joe Biden

Tomorrow is the big day in Iowa. Though it won't determine who will be president, it has the potential to knock out some solid second tier candidates. One of them is Joe Biden.

I believe Joe Biden is the most qualified candidate to be President. I will tell you why.

In a President, there are several qualities that are going to be vitally important:

1) Restoring America's place in the world.

-No one has more foreign policy experience than Joe Biden, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Pakistan's President called Biden after declaring a State of Emergency. Biden spoke to Bhutto a few days before her assassination.

-Joe Biden is the ONLY candidate with a plan to remove our troops from Iraq AND prevent genocide and chaos. Even though he voted for the war, before the Invasion he attempted to add a clause that insisted on exhausting all diplomatic efforts before committing troops.

-Joe Biden has voted against War with Iran

-Joe Biden has opposed torture and will commit to the restoration of American moral leadership.

-Joe Biden is the only candidate willing to put a halt to genocide in Darfur.

2) Beating the Republicans

-The current crop of Republican candidates is shameful. Beyond his speech on faith, Mitt Romney has shown absolutely no moral leadership, from desiring to double Guantanamo, to changing his positions to fit the current political winds. John McCain, though a fundamentally decent human being, is approaching senility and his desire to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and indefinitely continue the war in Iraq makes him a problematic candidate.
Mike Huckabee is an absolute buffoon who has no idea about what is going on in the world. Ron Paul is an ideologue who thinks that shrinking the size of the government is the only way to solve our problems (and he also opposed the American Civil War). And finally, Guiliani has tremendous ethical conflicts of interests, as well as dictatorial tendencies that have been exacerbated by his shameful exploitation of 9/11 for political gain.
I would be very distressed to have any of these candidates as my president.

-But the Democrats are also weak. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards all have large groups of people who hate them. Considering that John Kerry was brought down by bogus swift boat advertisements, does anyone think that the Republican attack machine will have problems with taking down a woman, or a black man with middle name "Hussein," or a trial lawyer trying to start class warfare? Though none of these candidates being elected will make me question my loyalty to the US, they will not be successful in either getting elected, or uniting the country to deal with our pressing concerns.

3) Uniting the country

Therefore, because each of the Republican and Democratic candidates will inspire hatred in many others, we need a candidate who speaks to reason and can unite the country. If Joe Biden ran against Republicans, IT WOULD BE NO CONTEST.

Joe Biden has gained bipartisan support for a wide variety of initiatives, unlike any of the other senators who have done nothing in office.

4) Bring sensibility to issues

-He has respected a woman's right to choose by supporting Roe v. Wade, but has also voted for laws preventing partial birth abortions. He supports stem cell research and did not vote for a bill banning cloning.

-On crime, Biden authored the Violence against women act and the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

-Biden opposed drilling in the Artic that would destroy wildlife. He supports renewable energies and investment in technology. He supports increasing fuel economy requirements.

-He supports building a wall around the border and immigration reform.

-While he did vote for the Patriot Act, he voted against wiretapping and for preserving habeus corpus for foreign suspects.

-He supports lowering health care costs to make American businesses more competitive.

-He does not support funding for abstinence-only education programs abroad for HIV prevention.

I really think it is as simple as Biden. Sure, I don't agree with him on everything. But the thing is, he is reasonable. He is not a leader that makes decisions from the gut. While he may not inspire us like Obama, make us scared/protected like Guiliani, have the heroics of McCain, the perfectly crafted image of Hillary or Romney, the faith of Huckabee, or the personability and looks of Edwards, or the fierce freedom philosophy of Paul, he is the logical and solid choice for president.

It really is simple. Don't jut vote for someone because they are popular and can win. Vote for who you trust to be President.

Look here , here or here for examples of what it would be like to actually be proud of the person who leads your country.

What happened when we shunned the reasonable candidate (Gore) for the feel good president? We ended with Iraq, Katrina, economic slowdown, eroding competitiveness, hatred of America, ballooning health care costs.

Vote for a President who will bring reason to the most serious job in the world.

If you go with Hillary because she's electable, and the Republican machine takes her down, and then a terrible Republican gets elected, we will ask ourselves:

Why didn't we just go with Biden?

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