Monday, April 30, 2007

Absurd Faith

When the hell are people going to wake up?

"Mr. Wright preached black liberation theology, which interprets the Bible as the story of the struggles of black people, whom by virtue of their oppression are better able to understand Scripture than those who have suffered less."

From the times on Obama's pastor.

Later, it says:

“The problems of poverty and racism, the uninsured and the unemployed, are not simply technical problems in search of the perfect 10 point plan,” Mr. Obama says in one of his standard campaign lines. “They are rooted in both societal indifference and individual callousness — in the imperfections of man.”

He often makes reference to the civil rights movement, when liberals used Christian rhetoric to win change.

Mr. Obama reassures liberal audiences about the role of religion in public life, and he tells conservative Christians that he understands why abortion horrifies them and why they may prefer to curb H.I.V. through abstinence instead of condoms. AIDS has spread in part because “the relationship between men and women, between sexuality and spirituality, has broken down, and needs to be repaired,” he said to thunderous applause in December at the megachurch in California led by the Rev. Rick Warren, a best-selling author."

"The day after the party for Mr. Wright, Mr. Obama stood in an A.M.E. church pulpit in Selma, Ala., and cast his candidacy in nothing short of biblical terms, implicitly comparing himself to Joshua, known for his relative inexperience, steadfast faith and completion of Moses’ mission of delivering his people to the Promised Land."

Allright, so what the religious are trying to do is blame poverty and oppression on original sin? Are you serious? We're so far away from the truth it's mind numbing. The role between sexuality and spirituality has to be repaired? What about the lack of pair bonding in cold climates that is evolutionarily ingrained?

I can't believe it: take the worst elements of the right-blind faith, and the worst elements of the left-oppression rhetoric. Combine them. Then you have Obama. Man, that charisma is incredibly misleading. I was ecstatic in 2004 after the primary speech due to my Bush hatred(which hasn't gone away). But, I know how hatred of Bush can make us love some shady characters.

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