Friday, April 13, 2007

Strippers = Jail?

Our societies' political correctness and sex aversion comes to a head at editorials that say we shouldn't worry about false accusations against the Duke players. Apparently, they were part of a white elite that "can go about they lives." Plus, they were hiring a stripper!

It is ridiculous that these players are still maligned because they hired a stripper and exploited a "poor working class black woman."

Exploitation does not exist. What exists is high IQ individuals employing replaceable low IQ individuals.

I feel cornered. One on hand, I despise political correctness and the liberals who are blinded by ideology to the serious disparities between races in their biology and behavior.

On the other hand, many supporters of the Duke players are also people who dislike Asians, Jews, and are are strong Christians. There are very few agnostics who don't buy into the equality rhetoric.

Someone who believes sex is ok and PC=speech suppression? Nonexistent. If anything, the logical people who sympathize with me are so interested in making money that they don't care about the world around them.

Even though I agree with many of Steve Sailer's points, I remember him criticizing feminists for discouraging monogamy. He said "Why do feminists have such a problem with monogamy?" I have a serious problem with society's double standards of male and female sexuality. I understand that Sailer was working within the context of AIDS prevention in Africa, but he doesn't take into account the rational person's dislike of dogmatic religion and how it has permeated into our sex aversion that causes many problems in society.

Being reasonable is lonely.


TSM said...

"many supporters of the Duke players are also people who dislike Asians, Jews, and are are strong Christians."
What are you talking about? Basically the entire conservative establishment defended their innocence, not exactly the National Vanguard. Some evangelical Christians probably thought the boys deserved it because of their promiscuity.

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