Friday, April 13, 2007


"In some categories of interracial marriage, there are distinct gender-related trends. More than twice as many black men marry white women as vice versa, and about three-fourths of white-Asian marriages involve white men and Asian women.

C.N. Le, a Vietnamese-American who teaches sociology at the University of Massachusetts, says the pattern has created some friction in Asian-American communities.

"Some of the men view the women marrying whites as sellouts, and a lot of Asian women say, 'Well, we would want to date you more, but a lot of you are sexist or patriarchal,'" said Le, who attributes the friction in part to gender stereotypes of Asians that have been perpetuated by American films and TV shows."


Anonymous said...

The white/black disparity is because most white men are not attracted to black women.

Black women are also less open to interracial dating because they do not have the social power that white women do to step outside the box. Given that their pool of partners is limited to black men, black women are reluctant to be seen by black men as sellouts.

However, men of all races find Asian women attractive and Asian women have a larger pool of potential partners outside their race. Thus Asian women do not fear been seen as sellouts by Asian men.

Since white men are more secure in their status in America than white women, white men are more open than white women to being with Asians. Plus given the negative media stereotypes and the perception that Asians are un-American, white women are reluctant to being with Asian men. Thus the Asian/white disparity.

Anonymous said...

Well not quite,I am black and I am frequently approached by white men and this is with me being very reserved.Many white men are afraid to approach black women because most likely they will get rejected and they know that.Most black women are not attracted to white men , a big part has to do with cultural differences, we don't enjoy the same things.Yea , indian men are drawn to me like bees to honey.Also, asian women need to stp badmouthing their men.I have never seen an asian woman with an attractive white man and I lived in new york for years and in most situations the guy does not want to marry them.It's about the myth that they are easy lays.