Thursday, April 12, 2007

Society cowers

"I want to make sure that there are internships on Don Imus's show...he should raise money for scholarships for black students."
Some dude on hardball commenting on Don Imus controversy
What the hell is this bullshit? Take any black kid with the same SAT score and grades as a white or asian kid. Guaranteed, that black kid is getting double scholarship and getting into better schools.

Don Imus has been fired.

Free speach means NOTHING if offensive speech isn't allowed. Just as Bush is terrible to act against Cindy Sheehan, it is ridiculous that Don Imus can't even call women ho's and remain on air.

"Blacks were jigaboos, Sambos and Brilloheads. Women were bitches and, above all else, an endless variety of ever-ready sexual vessels, born to be degraded."

Yeah, like a white person can actually say that. Seriously, if you want to hear degrading language, turn on rap or reggaeton. Simple.

And jews are kykes, chinese are chinks, arabs are towelheads, mexicans are spics, and you know what? It's just a name. Can I say anything about black people anymore without being censured?

Despite my hesitations about the ability of democracy to survive given intractable IQ differences, and laissez faire economics in a genetic deterministic environment, I believe the one thing that is sacred about the United States that I WOULD DIE FOR is freedom of speech. And apparently, we are losing that.

I hate Louis farrakhan. But don't censure him. Debate him. I hate Al Sharpton-debate him. I hate Jerry Falwell-debate him. I hate Osama Bin Laden-show his tapes and challenge him to debate. Same with Ahmadenijad, Kim Jong Il, Basher Assad, Omar Al-Bashir, Hugo Chavez.

It is incredibly fascinating the LACK of attention paid to the Duke Lacross players who were acquitted. A black woman lying, trying to destroy the lives of these players. She's scott free and anonymous. Don Imus calls come girls nappy headed ho's, and he's gone. Fair?

I notice that there is also a similarity between this and race research. People say to avoid race research not because it is incorrect, but because it will lead to dangerous consequences. People are now censured because because.their remarks are offensive, not because they don't stand up to rational inquiry. Very dangerous line we are crossing.

Ok, I'm watching a debate between an asian chick and some black dude on the o'reilly factor on the use of the n-word.
Basically, she asks why the TOP 6 SONGS on the rap charts are all songs that denigrate women. She says that there are artists out there who don't denigrate women, but they're not on the top of the charts.

His response? That the white men who run the record companies put them on the top of the charts. I'm assuming that anyone who reads this blog has enough of an economic sense to realize the ridiculousness of that claim.
But, it indicates that there is a profound misunderstanding among African-Americans of how the world works:

If a firm has a higher hiring rate for whites than blacks, they attribute it to racism. But, they never realize the market truth that profit motive beats all racial considerations, that a firm that hires blind to race and merit alone will thrive in the market.
So, if being black correlates with low merit (low IQ), and a company hires based on merit, the company is rascist.

And the black panthers are calling for a guilty conviction of the Lacross team players after the DA dropped the case. He thinks the powerful rich defendants are skewing the system.

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