Monday, April 9, 2007

Watch This

Wow, pretty heavy argument between O'Reilly and Rivera-two guys I'm not a big fan of.

A drunk driver illegal immigrant kills 2 teenage daughters. Rivera makes an off point:

1) Illegal immigrants committ crimes at a lower rate than average citizens.
True, BUT the CHILDREN of illegals committ crimes at a higher rate than average citizens, plus, they remain in poverty and crime generations down the line.

Watch the clip, pick your side. You know who I'm with. It's simple-America has to maximize its fraction of population that are productive citizens.


byrdeye said...

Well, the reason why Dubya is so pro-illegal Mexican immigration is because they are going to form a NA Union with soft borders, national IDs and a common currency, the Amero.

The ultimate goal being a bi0-chipped global matrix...

Nope, they sure won't tell you THIS on network TV! Geraldo and Billy can quibble all they want over the details...but they are both missing the BIG PICTURE and underlying agenda, here.

byrdeye said...

Oops, that first link should have linked to here (see #3).

TabooTruth said...