Monday, February 18, 2008

It just won't go away!

This damn racial dating disparity!

GNXP has a recent post about this phenomenon. I love how you can get James Watson defenses as well as a plug for Mystery's tv show on the same blog.

Anyway, the blog has some interesting things to say:

Why is it that Asian guys seem to experience shell-shock in the bar and nightclub scene?

The answer may lie in the arms race between the sexes, whereby males become better and better at showing off or charming and seducing females, which makes females evolve higher standards for the showing-off trait or greater skepticism and iciness when they sense they're being hit on. It's clear that this arms race has escalated much farther in sub-Saharan Africa and other places of similar latitude, compared to more extreme latitudes (although latitude is not the primary cause -- probably pathogen load, ease of female farming, and so on, that correlate with it). So, when an Asian male is dropped into the lion's den of the Western bar and nightclub scene, he is not dealing with a merely unfamiliar group of females -- a large proportion of Europeans and Latin Americans -- but one that has evolved to defeat a far tougher opponent than he.

Now, the question is whether the evolution happened on a meme level, or a genetic level? I say that they go together, but what's important is that the love is NOT colorblind and the new blogger stuff white people like is living in denial with his painfully truthful/resentful look at white liberal American society.

I suppose it will take time for people to realize VERY basic truths about human nature. Given that Watson has been shushed, pickup artists vilified, and the average American prefers a Muslim president to an atheist president,

it's not hard to see why common sense is lacking in the world.

Oh well. At least there are smart people making money off it, like Asian Playboy but since his site is more marketing than tactics, something tells me that genetics can't be overcome in the time of a short seminar.

Approach anxiety is a chemical process. I have it. We all have it, to different degrees. Some races have less of it, other races have to try and desensitize themselves from it.

In other news, Obama looks like he's doing pretty well. Oh well. I don't know how he'll fare in November since John McCain is looking pretty old . Bless his soul, he's a decent man, but just not right for the job. He would have been great after 9/11, but we don't want anymore fear mongering.


tracylord said...

so what is your conclusion on the genetic predisposition to approach anxiety in asian males?

is it a physiological manifestation, cultural or a crippling combo of both...

Blogger said...

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