Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Debate

Hillary Clinton went for a hail mary tonight and the quarterback wasn't even able to throw the ball.

Her attacks on Obama fell flat.

Healthcare? She's nitpicking. Any centrist American would BY FAR be more likely to agree with a law mandating parents to buy health insurance for their kids instead of mandating everyone to buy it.

NAFTA? She supported it. And instead of actually defending Nafta, which she should, she instead put the spin on and claimed that she never supported it.

Afghanistan and Iraq? She voted for the war. Simple as that.
When Tim Russert put the possibility of future conflict in Iraq, she dismissed the possibility, demonstrating a lack of understanding of the situation. While Obama said he'd be willing to use force.

Who is more likely to regain the world's respect of the United States? The cackle or the orator?

FINALLY people are asking Obama questions about Wright. Obama seems to have dealt with it well. Friend of Israel and the Jews. But rebuilding the relationship between AA and Jews is difficult (market dominant minority-HBD problem). He spoke out against antisemitism in the AA community, which is somewhat respectable.

This whole reject/denounce Farrakhan business should settle the matter.

And Clinton did not know Putin's successor (I knew his name of the top of my head). That was funny. But I think we are demonizing Russia too much. Their wealth depends on their oil, their people care little for democracy, and their national identity is under constant assault by ethnic-based succession movements throughout the world, and they are barely able to control their nuclear weapons. To say that they are our enemy is absurd. They are merely trying to regain a past glory. We really should look at genocide supporting China, or the million other tragedies in the world.

I voted already. But this election is a damn dynamic animal.


Dasaech said...

What does HBD stand for? I've looked at your earliest posts for a reference, but couldn't find one.

johnson said...

Sorry. Human biodiversity. Refers to intelligence and psychological disparities between the races.

For a good summary of the issues in HBD, check here

Charlie said...

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racepimp buster said...

Obama is just another bought & paid for Zionist puppet.

So, what else is new? Zionism is the only true common denominator to every Presidential candidate...no matter what race or gender...

There will be no TRUE change in this country until we get some anti-Zionist leaders!

Anonymous said...

wow you're stupid. I could explain WHY you're stupid and poke more holes in your argument than swiss cheese but.....alas...I fear your puny brain can't understand my explanation. At least you got some attention from a stranger...

your blog is so empty that every person counts. Rest assured though, I'll never waste my time here again. *YAWN*