Friday, February 1, 2008

Will it ever end?

How many people will have to die before we get it in our heads to stop imposing our values on others? This latest brutality from Kenya shows things don't look good.

Who would have thought? The pro-Bush nypost has a great article on the roots of the violence. Here is what he says:

The horrific violence in Kenya has its roots in three things: the corruption we overlook, the forms of democracy we demand - and, above all, the tribes that left-wing academics insist are only wicked European inventions....

The process has played out hundreds of times, in dozens of countries, but we still insist that democracy means "one citizen, one vote" for a central government with Western-style ministries. The model we've enforced around the world assumes that enlightened citizens won't be bound by tribal or religious loyalties.

But democracy as we know it doesn't work in countries where competition for resources persists along tribal or religious lines. (Kenya also has a Christian-Muslim fracture, though it's not at the forefront now.)

But our attempts to ride roughshod over fundamental identities to which human beings cling for dear life only resulted in the sort of failures we've witnessed in the post-colonial years - and the problems we faced in Iraq as we brushed aside sheiks in favor of corrupt bureaucrats.

And tragedy continues because the liberals and neo cons don't want to admit something deeply simple: The rest of the world is DIFFERENT from us. And there's nothing we can do about it.

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Digger said...

I wish I had a good answer for whether people of different religious or ethnic identities could live in peace. I'd like to say that the U.S. is a good example of people's of different ethnicities and religions living in relative peace, of a nation built without a religious or ethnic identity. But as an American Indian, I know our relative peace came at the expense of many of my ancestors. And I know that those without the religious and ethnic identities of the Europeans who came here generally had to conform to it.

When you look at the struggles between the Serbs and the Kosovar Albanians, or even the Flems and Whallons, it makes me think that Europe is not much further from its tribal roots than I am.